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Where you should travel based on your zodiac sign

A clock adorned with zodiac signs on the side of a building, capturing the essence of travel.

If you’re anything like me, your travel bucket list is looming very, very, large. It’s hard to decide which destination to hit next, and with all these stunning holiday spots on offer how can we mere mortals choose? 

I pondered this on one of those sleepless nights (you know the ones) and as I was staring at the stars, the answer hit me. This type of decision can’t be left in our hands, it has to be determined by an outer force. A true being of pure wisdom and knowledge. The stars! So, using our most advanced science we’ve created a list which will tell you exactly which destination to prioritise based on core compatibility with you.

travel photography - couple sitting on steps

Aries – Yellowstone National Park

Oh, Aries, you are the spark that lights up the rest of the Zodiac, or so the saying goes, anyway. Passionate and a little, or a lot, on the fiery side, you need a destination with plenty of wide open spaces to let all your energies out and roam free. It’s uncanny actually how much your temperament resembles that of a bison…

Let the wind brush your face and the tall grass tickle your ankles in Yellowstone National Park. Home of the bold and determined, USA and Aries are like peanut butter and jelly, an American match made in heaven, and nothing is more American than living it up in the wild wild west, cowboy style. Venture to Yellowstone volcano which is sure to rival that flame burning inside you, if you dare. These 9 THOUSAND km (!!!!) of pure natural awe are yours for the taking – time to let your independent spirit shine.

An aerial view of a waterfall in Yellowstone National Park, showcasing its breathtaking natural beauty and captivating allure for travel enthusiasts.

Image source:Contiki

Taurus – Canada

Slow down, enjoy. A mantra I learned from the Taureans in my life, this sign loves to take their time, grab the bull by its horns (hahaha) and throw themselves into everything, fully. Hard-headed but also down-to-earth, Taurus likes to make a home. You need a place to set some temporary roots and totally, utterly, and completely exist in.

Consider Canada, one of the largest countries on offer. Sound too tame for you? Not appealing to your hot-headedness? We must have forgotten to tell you about the dog sleds in the Yukon, or kayaking with killer whales, or even the free-climbing of icy waterfalls. We know you’re stubborn but not even you can resist this. With plenty of space to explore and get lost for years, we expect you hard-working Taureans to come back with a full report.


Image source:Contiki

10 reasons why you should always travel with a Canadian

10 reasons why you should always travel with a Canadian

by Chantal Ford Jul 01, 2016

Gemini – Japan

Right, something with two polar opposites to reflect Gemini’s horrible two-facedness… Hmm… Kidding, we don’t believe in that here, and Geminis are one of my favourite signs. You deserve more love quite frankly, playful and witty things, you’d be everyone’s best friend if they took the time to get to know both sides of you! You know a place that doesn’t judge and is very respectful of others? Japan.

An island of intense modernity and innovation with intricate traditions woven into the fabric of the land, Japan is the perfect place to experience the best of both worlds. Start in Tokyo for some flashy nightlife tinged in neons and get weird in the Harajuku section. Next, take off to Takamatsu or Hokkaido to calm things down. Fill your belly with some ramen or takoyaki, and fill your lungs with crisp forest and mountain air. Explore all the facets of the land of the rising sun: from the Hello Kitty bullet train to mystical Shinto Temples and Torii gates. This trip will give you heaps of new intellectual interests to gab about later.

close up image of cherry blossom in Japan

Image source:Contiki

Cancer – South Korea

Compassionate, loving, and a little bit goofy. Sound like anyone? That’s right, it’s you Cancer, you shining star! To be honest, you’d probably be as happy as a teen girl with BTS merch anywhere you go, but we want to send you somewhere you’ll feel right at home, only in a way you may not expect…

South Korea, with its sparkling cities and breath-taking scenes (think pagodas, cherry blossoms, mountains reflected in mirror-like lakes), is the ideal spot for a Cancer to laze about for a bit. Much of Korean culture is founded on Confucianism which promotes deep harmony, respect, and the importance of friendships, which is something your sensitive soul has in common. Top it off with the bright and bubbly allure of K-pop scenes and you’ve found your new home away from home.

Leo – Bora Bora

For you, Leo, we’re sending you somewhere more beautiful than yourself so you’ll stop looking in the mirror for once. Hahah, I’m joking, but also no I’m not, this is an intervention. So, what’s more beautiful than the faaaabulous lion? How about Bora Bora.

To be fair, you can probably still admire yourself in the reflection of those famous clear waters, but there is more to do (and there’s more to Leo than vanity as well). You’re ambitious and loyal and a natural-born leader. You won’t just lounge in all the usual tourist hot spots. No! You’re a trend-setter. You’ll adventure on Bora Bora’s mainland and wade through thick shrubbery, behold Polynesian temples and stingrays grazing in the water. All this flare, all this drama! The weather can be a little tempestuous, especially during the rainy season, but with your sunny demeanour you’ll be able to make even the worst storms a total blast. 

bora bora

Image source:holatgr @ Unsplash

Virgo – Germany

Efficiency. Isn’t that what you’re all about Virgo? You won’t believe your apfelstrudel when you encounter Germany then, THE country of efficiency and equilibrium. Everything runs on time, punctuality is key. This is a testament to the German people’s dedication to stability, and a testament to your own as well. Focused on family-loyalty, reason, and logic, you’ll find yourself right at home, Virgo.

But maybe you should give your little perfectionist brain a rest, hmm? Loosen up, life isn’t all about smelling the maths problems. There’s a vibrant and booming current of art, culture, and partying waiting for you in Germany. From Oktoberfest, to obscure Berlin clubs, to the East Side art gallery – get your Virgo Groove on. Most of all, though, Germans have a very very kind and welcoming culture, and you are both those things, don’t forget it.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Image source:Contiki

Libra – Tuscany 

The Tuscan Valley is the place to be – I dream of it every night. Do you ever want to gorge yourself on so much pizza you feel sick? Want to roll down and down and down grassy hills, and splash right into the glassy sea? Run through museums, head thrown back? That’s the kind of purely self-indulgent behaviour Libras love to engage in. And in Italy you can really indulge… 

You have a lot in common with Tuscany you know: the charming vintage vibe of Piazza della Signoria, the aesthetic sublime of Uffizi Gallery, and all the balance of a creamy and fruity scoop of gelato. A very touristy destination as well, you’ll make friends in no time and have a whole crew to stroll through the vineyards with in romantic bliss. Most of all, Tuscany is serving up peace, which I know you need like a pasta dish needs an Aperol on the side. You can experience all ends of the spectrum – it’s all about that balance, eh?


Image source:Contiki

Scorpio – Egypt

There is no bigger mystery than how the pyramids were built. (We all agree it was aliens, right?) Well, actually, maybe there is, and that mystery is you Scorpio. Misunderstood as you are, you’re often seen as harsh and intense, and your true intentions puzzle people. But you are persistent, in the same way that Egypt is, having thrived for so long as one of the world’s oldest civilizations, and people will love you.

Home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the adventures and discovery never stop here. With your morbid curiosity you may even be drawn deep into the belly of the pyramids to uncover some royal remains… Though you don’t have to stray into darkness, maybe you’re content to bask in the scorching sun along with the Sphinx. Giza and Cairo, and all the hotspots in between, have so many delicious enigmas to scratch your head at. We’re sure these places will become the object of your intense passions soon.

A woman riding a camel in front of pyramids, showcasing her adventurous travel experience in Egypt.

Image source:Contiki

Sagittarius – Iceland

Optimistic, independent, and the most fueled by adventure, this whole list was made for you, Sagittarius. You’ve probably booked all these destinations already to satisfy that wanderlust you harbour. But make sure you add Iceland to the list because the entire island was crafted just. for. you. 

From bright blue glaciers, to grandiose waterfalls, and elusive northern light shows, Iceland is truly a land of bountiful nature and unbridled freedom. Shoot your arrow in any direction and you’ll hit a bullseye. Coupled with traces of rich Norse mythology, idealistic Sagittarius will find themselves in a place they won’t get bored of anytime soon. If I know you Sagittarius, you’ll make it your mission to uncover all of this tundra’s secrets, and maybe even stumble upon some long lost giants…


Image source:Contiki

Capricorn – New York 

The city that never sleeps, not even a wink, always thrumming with energy, much like you, Capricorn. When you aren’t occupied by one project, you’re daydreaming about the next, and the next, and the next. Twinkling New York city is well-suited to your boss ass b***h personality and the over-achiever that you are. 

Perhaps the world’s epitome of hard-work, New York is a melting pot of nationalities and cultures, all eagerly waiting for you to absorb it all into that big brain of yours. You make your success look ever so effortless, I can see you floating around the Big Apple oozing utter confidence – this is where you belong. 

New York city Times Square

Image source:Contiki



by Chantal Ford Jun 10, 2015

Aquarius – Madagascar

You’re a rare commodity, but you’re not one to flaunt it. Some things just speak for themselves. Much like a bird of paradise, aloof and cool, you, Aquarius, are destined to make a voyage to Madagascar.

This island off the coast of Africa is crazy biodiverse (the most in the world!!!) which makes it a truly unique holiday spot for a truly unique individual such as yourself. Off the beaten track you won’t necessarily find many other tourists here, but you will make encounters with new plant life and animal species you can only dream about back home. All the colours and sounds, each as eccentric as the last, it’s like Madagascar was created specifically with idealistic Aquarius in mind!

Pisces – Isle of Skye / Cabin in the Woods

Now, I had to bring in an office expert for this one as I didn’t want to upset any of you Pisces out there, I know how prone you are to crying… My original pick for you, Pisces, was to send you to a place which blurs reality and fantasy, just as your symbol represents. This idyllic and perhaps too good to be true location is the fantastical Isle of Skye, the one place in the world where unicorns and pixies are sure to exist (if only one sets out to find them).

But, my co-worker stepped in and vehemently expressed that his perfect holiday spot as a deeply compassionate, empathetic, and caring sign, was a cabin in the woods so he could “finally have some peace and quiet”… I guess he’s feeling a little overwhelmed?  Good thing, though, that the Isle of Skye is probably full of abandoned cabins in the hills, so both suggestions work for our purposes here! Ending on a win. 

Highlands Hiking in Scotland

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