The 15 best food experiences you can do with Contiki

Contiki recognises how integral food is to travel. It’s so much more than fuel: it’s ritual, education, exploration - a way to connect with other cultures and to interact with your Contiki family. With this in mind, we've rounded up 15 of the ultimate foodie experiences we offer around the world. Tummy rumbles at the ready...

Fuel up with a Big Uluru BBQ

What better way to energise yourself for a day at Uluru, than a quintessential Aussie BBQ? This beastly breakfast features eggs, bacon and bbq sausages (snags round these parts), and is guaranteed to get you going as you prepare for the panorama of a lifetime.

Have dinner at the Laos Tree Alliance Restaurant

Boasting great food and an even better cause, the Tree Alliance takes in young people from marginalised or at-risk backgrounds and gives them hands on training and skills they can use to thrive in the hospitality and tourism industry.  The Laos iteration serves delicious stews and wild forest greens with fresh fish straight from the Mekong. Everyone’s a winner.

Enjoy an iconic lobster roll at James Hook, Boston

James Hook is a Boston institution, and once you’ve savoured every bite of one of their famed lobster rolls, you’ll understand why. Their secret? They just don’t skimp on the lobster, which is always fresh and succulent. Take the stroll from the the Trillium Garden and enjoy this truly memorable lunch.

Indulge in a dumpling banquet in China

You can’t go to China without digging into a dumpling banquet. Discover the delicate art of the perfect dumpling as you try 16 different types at the Xi-an Tang Dynasty Dumpling Banquet and show. From tiny pearl dumplings and even fruit filled desert concoctions, you’ll find a surprising array of diversity here. They say you are what you eat, and it’s likely you’ll leave this banquet at least feeling as plump and stuffed as the things themselves.

Taste some fiery street tacos in Mexico

If you’re in Mexico, street food is the way to go. Fresh, authentic and cheap, you can find some seriously flavoursome tacos for less than a US dollar. Our favourite? A tacos al pastor, which uses marinated pork, swathed in chilli sauce on a spit and jazzed up with some onion and coriander. It’s a fiery fiesta for the tastebuds.

Learn how to make empanadas in Argentina

A trip to Buenos Aires isn’t complete without sampling some delicious empanadas. Flour based dough is filled with ground meat, spinach and humita (sweet corn with white sauce) for a rich and delicious bite. Why not try your hand at crafting your own mini masterpieces? It’s a delicate art form, but nothing’s more rewarding than tasting your own handiwork. Best washed down with a glass of Malbec, of course.


Try a famed Ferg burger in Queenstown, NZ

When you first see the queues snaking out from this round-the-clock burger shack you’ll sense that the Ferg is no ordinary burger. It’s in fact a NZ institution, with a delicious array of high quality beef and lamb patties with a memorable crusty bun and homemade sauces. The best hangover cure around, in our eyes.

Sample some Scorpion in Thailand

Asia is packed with delicious street food, but for those looking for something a bit more adventurous than a Pad Thai, there’s plenty of exotic options that may make your squirm. From deep fried tarantula in Cambodia to some crispy scorpion in Bangkok, if you’re brave enough, there are some unique snacks that you won’t be able to find in your local maccas.

Have a real Texan BBQ at the Iron Works, Austin

Is this the best BBQ in the world? We’re talking slowly cooked brisket and ribs, falling off the bone, and heaps of authentic, smoky Texan flavour. Dig in, sip a craft beer, and don’t worry – sticky fingers are all part of the fun.



Create your own Okonomiyaki in Japan

Okonomiyaki is a savoury pancake fried with noodles, egg, vegetables & a whole bunch of other fillings, typical of the Hiroshima area. Dine with locals in style at the traditional Yatai (street food stalls). You can watch the masters and soak it all in before getting your own chance to concoct this crazy fusion of ingredients. Put your teppan skills to the test and indulge in this culinary delight.

Brave a bush tucker brunch at Alice Springs

This unique aboriginal experience sees you being introduced into the indigenous culture and way of life. Snack on some exotic outback fruits and seeds before – if you’re feeling brave – sampling some grubs or kangaroo tail.

Try some cheesy hot chocolate in Quito

You love cheese. You love chocolate. What could go wrong? This Ecuadorian delight uses mozzarella to create a hot chocolate that’s gooey, stretchy and rich. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never want to go back.

chocolate central america

Swan around on a Florence food walking tour

Florence is a city of spectacular beauty, so why miss out on the sights while you’re tucking into your dinner? This food walking tour lets you have your lasagne and eat it too, so to speak, sampling delicious Italian food as you pass by some of the most iconic historical sights in the world.

Try a pie in the blue mountains

Panoramic skies and amazing pies. It’s a good life. The Blue Mountains are enveloped in dramatic cliffs, eucalyptus forests and waterfalls, so you’re guaranteed some spectacular scenery as you tuck into a world class beef pie.

Fish and chips on the bay of islands

If you’re by the seaside, fish and chips is a must. Though it’s fair to say New Zealand’s Bay of Islands is no ordinary seaside. This subtropical paradise features azure waters, fascinating history and spectacular waterfalls. Here you can count upon huge, fresh fish straight from the ocean, covered in a gorgeous crispy batter. Chow down and feel your worries melt away.

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