Hong Kong has Sailor Moon dumplings and they won’t last long

90s girls and anime fans rejoice, Sailor Moon is back and more delicious than ever. No we’re not talking new episodes of the popular animated series, but get your fix instead in the form of yummy, yummy dumplings! The only catch? You have to go to Hong Kong.

Dim Sum Icon in Hong Kong are known for their cute themed dumplings, and this October they launched Sailor Moon ones to the delight of everyone who likes dumplings and Sailor Moon… so everyone. Featuring Sailor Moon, the Sailor Scouts, Luna and Artemis, you can dine down on steamed dumplings, egg tarts, taro buns and ice cold drinks. All are themed, and each Sailor Scout has a treat designed in their token colours.

For those wanting to take something home, there’s plenty of merch available from cups, coasters and hand fans. Prices are a bit more exxy than you’d expect from a street food stand, with a basket of dumplings costing HK$49-99 (about $6-12 USD or $8-16 AUD).

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Dim Sum Icon, whose tagline is ‘made to order – chic – healthy’, are always changing their themed lineup, so get in quick if you’re heading to Hong Kong as there’s no telling when they’ll retire Sailor Moon and her Scouts to make way for a new collab. In the past they’ve done Spongebob Squarepants, Garfield and many more. Personally, we’d love to see some more 90s nostalgia and get some Rugrats or Daria on there! Although, give us any dumplings, themed or not, and we’ll eat them all.

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