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These Natural Waterslides Should Be Going On Your Bucket List Yesterday

Waiting in line at a water park is probably the worst. It’s stinking hot, you’ve paid a mint to get in, and now you’re waiting behind 80 other people for a 10 second slide down a plastic tube.

Why not trade up for a natural waterslide?

All around the world there are beautiful formations near rivers and national parks where falls have made the rocks smooth enough for endless slip and slides.

But first, a word of warning...

These are natural formations so be careful of water depth, sharp edges and slippery rocks. Always use your best judgement and check the conditions before entering the water. You’ll notice people are wearing helmets in some of the videos and that’s for a good reason! #MumSectionOver

Slide Rock State Park, USA

Located in Sedona, Arizona, the slippery creek bottom of an old homestead is now a natural playground for locals. Unlike some of the others on this list, the waters are not too fast flowing in some sections and the swimming area is level, making for a perfectly chill day out sunbathing and paddling.

Waitavala Waterslide, Fiji

These slides on Taveuni Island are a series of small waterfalls, rather than one big one, that you can enjoy slipping and sliding down. The water here is quite deep too so many people jump in off the sides.

Rere Rockslide, New Zealand

Probably the most famous of all natural waterslides, the flowing Rere Falls near Gisborne, New Zealand, has created a wide platform for punters to bring their inflatable unicorns and boogie boards to race 60 metres down the rocks. Even your boy Devin Supertramp adventures there!

Tule River Waterslides, USA

Sequoia National Forest in California is home to many natural wonders, but the waterslides of Tule River have been a fun hotspot for locals for decades. Sliding between the beautiful granite boulders into a lush pool is surely bucket list worthy.

Las Paylas Natural Waterslide, Puerto Rico

Not one, but TWO natural waterslides are in Luquillo’s Las Paylas! Thanks to it’s rainforest location, the falls are always full and so are the beautiful wading pools for the less adventurous types. It’s a bit of a hidden gem and sometimes a small cover charge is needed to enter.

Currumbin Rockpools, Australia

Secreted away just 15 minutes from Queensland’s Currumbin Beach, the pools are the ideal location for a cruisey day with family or friends. Rope swings, a fall to slide down, picnic tables and even a café; yep, the crystal clear waters of Currumbin Rockpools will make you want to stay forever.

Damajaqua Cascades, Dominican Republic

Also known as ‘27 Waterfalls’, the popular spot is perfect for adrenaline junkies because as you might have guessed, this isn’t just one waterslide. It’s 27 jumps, slides and pools to choose from! Guides take you through the hike to get there and point out places to leap from and swim in. Get there early because it’s incredible and you’ll want to see as many as you can!

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