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5 New Zealand adrenaline experiences you might not know about

It should come as no surprise that New Zealand is the ultimate destination for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. But what you may not know is what’s really worth the hype, what options there are for those who prefer something a little tamer, and what are the underrated or lesser known activities you should be adding to your Kiwi bucket list...

Yes, you heard me right: black, not white. The kind that involves getting kitted up in wetsuits, headlamps and rubber booties for what is essentially tubing in the darkness of underground caves! Your little doughnut tube will carry you through the rapids and soften your landing as you jump bum-first into cave pools. The best part is switching off your headlamp and looking up to see the glow worms light the way for you.

Remember when rolling down a big hill used to be so much fun as a kid? Ogo balls are a wetter, wilder and way more fun version that your inner child will love. Picture giant plastic balls filled with water that you climb inside to go slipping and sliding your way down a hill. You can go solo or have a friend tumbling around inside with you, knocking you off your feet. Choose between a windy path that’ll leave you not knowing which way is up, or a straight path that gains some serious speed as you race the Ogo next to you.



Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that New Zealand is famous for its Bungee Jumping. The alternative to this, however, is a Canyon Swing. Instead of springing back up from your ankles after the freefall, this jump will send you swinging out in a wide arch over a beautiful canyon before being reeled back in. There are tons of different jump styles so there’s something to suit every fear level. Blindfolded, tied to a chair, or backflipping for the brave of heart; or just a regular step-off style, cutaway or tandem jump for those feeling like they wish they brought an extra set of underwear.

If you’re the kind of person interested in throwing yourself out of a moving plane at 15,000 ft then look no further! Queenstown has you covered. If you’re going to fall through the sky you may as well have something pretty to look at on the way down, like The Remarkables. Some seriously skilled photographers can capture the moment for you to have photo proof of your daring adventure. Just don’t tell your mum till after…



The stunning Franz Josef glacier in the South Island is definitely something worth seeing, and what better way than from above. Take a helicopter ride that sends you flying high over the beautiful icy scenery before landing on the glacier for enough time to explore and start a snowball fight. Another option is to spend a few hours there, hiking your way past ice formations, peaks, and the pristine blue of deep crevices in the ice. Sounds terrible, right?

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