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10 Podcasts guaranteed to get you through a long distance flight

You've booked your ticket, packed your bag, and you're good to go! The only thing standing between you and paradise is that long-distance flight. Ugh.

Step aside movies and music: podcasts are 100% guaranteed to combat boredom in transit, and these 10 should be your starting point...

my dad wrote a porno

Think your parents are embarrassing? Think again. My dad wrote a porno follows Jamie Mortons discovery of his dads erotic novella – which he takes upon himself to read through, chapter by chapter, with the help of his two friends. You’ll laugh as hard as you shudder at the badly written prose which shines a light on what middle aged men find sexy. Mostly, it will leave you thinking that your parents aren’t so cringey after all…

Song exploder

Have you ever wondered how some of your favourite songs came to fruition? Wonder no more, this podcast features the backstories of popular songs. Producers, musicians and singers alike are invited to come and be interviewed about their work. Learning about these songs will gain you insight into the secret lives of your favourite artists, proving that the devil is in the details.

Science Vs

If you enjoy trivia, facts or just learning something new, Science Vs is the ultimate podcast to stop your brain turning to mush on a dull long-haul. The show tackles trends, fads and opinions by investigating the actual science behind them. Whether you’ve always wanted to know if that post-trip detox cleanse you were planning on doing is actually worth it, or if chocolate is possibly good for you, this is not one to miss – and you’ll come off your flight feeling all the more wiser.

Girl on flight


Award winning podcast Serial relays the true story of one girl’s murder by her ex-boyfriend in Baltimore in the 90’s. Hosted by Sarah Koenig, each episode takes on a different part of the story; dissecting the alibi, rumours, trial and family background. If you’re into murder mysteries and documentaries, you’ll be gripped and hooked to the narrative.


No such thing as fish

The brainchild of the research masterminds behind BBC’s QI, No Such Thing As a Fish features four friends presenting interesting facts and info that they’ve discovered over the past week. The show is a huge hit, and the hilarious banter between the group will have you laughing out loud while you learn.

my favourite murder

Contrary to what the name suggests, My favourite murder is a comedy podcast in which two friends, both crime story fans, gather to discuss popular murders in the media, as well as gathering murder and crime stories from fans. It’s basically a podcast version of telling ghost stories with your friends at a sleepover: scary, but funny and super social. While you’ll be horrified and curious about the cases, the lighthearted dialogue between the two hosts will make you feel comforted, and have you chuckling along while you cruise through the skies.

Call your girlfriend

If you’re heading for a girls trip, excited to meet a new travel squad or you’re just missing your bestie, call your girlfriend should be a must-listen. Branded as “a podcast for long-distance besties everywhere” two women engage in witty quick-fire conversation, covering menstruation issues, celebrity genetilia, gossip and jokes. You’ll feel like one of the ‘girlfriends’ after a while, which is ideal if you’re travelling alone.

friends on a flight

S town

If novels are your thing, S Town is the podcast for you. S Town follows the story of a man who hates his town in Alabama, and decides to take action. Mystery, murder, secrets and wealth characterise this thrilling podcast, and you’ll be taken on an emotional journey as you immerse yourself this 7 part drama.


Invisibilia delves into the invisible forces that cause human behavioural traits, emotions, beliefs and opinions. Played out as storytelling with a factual twist, this podcast will have you reflecting on your own life – and will for sure make you see the world differently. Fascinating and engaging, this isn’t one to miss.


desert island discs

We’ve all been asked the question: “If you were on a desert island, what would you bring?” This show poses this question to celebrities, asking them to choose a selection of songs, or ‘discs’ that they would take with them to a desert island. In between discussing their song choices, the featured celebs answer deep, personal questions about their lives – showing you a side to them that you’ve never seen (or heard) before.

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