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Scotland is home to a magical pink castle and you need to get there asap

If the recent royal wedding has you dreaming of living your ultimate princess life then look no further than this heavenly Scottish castle. It’s literally the setting of our fairytale dreams with Disney-esque turrets, gargoyles and balconies. Oh, and it’s pink!

Not enough said? Okay great, we’ll go on! Craigievar Castle is based in Aberdeenshire, known as Scotland’s ‘Castle Country’ with over 300 castles, manors and ruins dotting its picturesque countryside. In fact, there are more castles per kilometre here than anywhere else in the whole of the UK. Sounds magical right?

The castles range from historic ruins and (obviously) haunted mansions to millennial pink palaces like Craigievar. It’s even believed that Disney’s famous Cinderella castle was heavily influenced by this pastel hued heaven. It’s not hard to see why Walt was a fan…

Why is it pink you may ask? Despite it’s beautiful appearance, it hasn’t been painted this colour, instead owing its gorgeous hue to lime. When the castle was restored in 1824 by Sir John Forbes, it was done so with specific instructions to add pigments to more closely match the granite detailing. This hue soon made Craigievar Castle stand out among the many castles of Scotland, becoming one of the first ‘tourist attractions’ with people journeying from all over to catch a glimpse.

One of these visitors was Queen Victori,a who showed up without warning while staying at her own castle in nearby Balmoral. She wandered around the “strange and curious old castle” before the owners realised she was there and rushed to greet her.

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The natural trust of Scotland took over the castle in 1962, opening it and it’s museum of treasures fully to the public for our viewing pleasure. After the castle experienced a ton of visitors its group sizes were restricted and guided tours were put in place. The castle exists now very much as it did in the 1800’s with no electricity above the ground floor. You truly begin to imagine how dark and cold it would have been to reside here in the full force of Scottish winter – brrr!

Continuing with the colour theme there is also a ‘blue room’ to explore, supposedly the most haunted in the castle due to Sir John Forbes pushing a would be suitor for his daughter out one of the high windows to his death – yikes! If ghosts are your thing though, Craigievar is well worth a visit with music and inexplicable footsteps heard by many of the staff, who are apparently reluctant to enter many rooms.

The true magic however comes from the towers, turrets, dormer windows and balconies which were design features way before their time. This fairytale castle existed long before fairytales! In fact, it’s uniqueness against the somewhat menacing medieval castles that can be found throughout the rest of Scotland is pretty amazing.

If Scotland wasn’t already on your travel radar, it should be now! It’s seriously underrated and we’re booking flights asap to snap a shot with Craigievar castle.

Real life princess castle ???

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