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Scotland has a new way of exploring its beautiful islands, with a boozy twist

When you think of Scotland, you most likely think of breathtaking landscapes and delectable scotch whisky. What if we told you there was a brand new way to enjoy both...

Scotland’s newest trail is set to combine a tour of the astoundingly beautiful remote Hebridean islands with the country’s national drink. Unveiled last month, the brand spanking new Hebridean Whisky Trail covers three islands of the Hebrides: Raasay, Harris, and Skye, while connecting four of Scotlands most prominent whisky distilleries. Because what better way is there to truly get to know a region than to taste (or in this case, drink) your way around it? 

Framed by dramatic scenery (think mountains, coasts and valleys) the distilleries make up the rich culture and history of the Hebrides, and have all developed distinct and unique approaches to crafting whisky. The oldest of the roster is the Talisker distillery, which has been keeping the island merry since 1830. Raasay distillery, which only opened its doors last year, even makes its peaty whisky using water from the islands volcanic terrain. 


These whisky centres offer guided tours that cater to all levels of knowledge, so don’t panic if you don’t know your blended malt from your bourbon – you’ll be nothing short of a whisky connoisseur by the time your distillery days are up. The tours, conducted by local islanders, also include everything from local geography to whisky mythology. Intrigued? So are we…

Waterbabies can chart the island trail by ferry, sampling whisky between stints on the sea, while those of us who prefer to have their feet firmly on the ground can take in the surrounding panoramas and woodland wildlife by foot.

If whisky isn’t actually your jam at all, worry not – there are plenty of quaint restaurants and pubs on offer that will no doubt have something for everyone, even if all you fancy is a cranberry juice. 

Either way, the immersive whisky taster tour offers intrepid souls an entirely new way of experiencing this unique (and still fairly unknown) region of Scotland – while of course exposing you to enough Scottish hospitality to last a lifetime. We’ll take our whisky with a view, please…

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