This Delightfully Innovative Singapore Bar Has Invented Edible Cocktails

You can have your drink and eat it too! Singapore is a hub of innovation when it comes to food trends and culinary delights, and cocktail heaven Tippling Club has truly taken it to the next level in the form of edible cocktails...

The edible cocktails at Tippling Club come served as gummy bears in cute striped candy bags. There’s 12 flavours in each bag from the Dreams and Desires menu and the idea is you nibble them all in lieu of an actual menu. Each has a unique flavour made specifically for the signature cocktail it represents and some serious tasting and innovation went into making them.

For example you may enjoy the Lust gummy, which is a champagne, peach, tonka bean and vanilla cocktail. Other feelings/cocktails include Happiness (honey, citrus and tequila) and Revenge (a vodka mix with umami bitters). Simply eat your gummy bears and tell the bar which cocktail you’ll be having. It’s a fun way to find your perfect drink without a sticky menu!

It’s not the first time the Tippling Club has dreamed up an amazing cocktail experience. They’ve also launched a range of sensory cocktails which use various scents to trigger memories of times gone by. The Sensorium cocktail menu and Dreams and Desires menu are just the tip of the iceberg for this forward thinking bar. No wonder they took the 31st spot at the World’s 50 Best Bars awards!

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