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MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences are conscious travel experiences available on our trips. MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences are chosen with great care based on the positive social or environmental impact they have on their communities and those who experience them.

Using a proprietary assessment tool endorsed by industry experts and developed exclusively for us, MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences are assessed against a robust set of criteria directly tied to the UN Global Goals.

These experiences are rated against a set of criteria to identify the ways in which they advance the 11 Global Goals of our sustainability strategy. We’re committed to integrating at least one MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience across 50% of itineraries by 2025.

What can travelers expect?

Amazing travel experiences that you can trust have a positive impact on the people and places you visit with Contiki.

MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences seeks to encourage the greatest community benefit from travel and tourism, while in turn educating travelers on the Global Goals and the way that daily action can support them. By participating in a MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience our travelers will be educated on pressing global issues and local community actions being taken to address them.


How are MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences chosen?

Using our Make Travel Matter E-Assessment, travel experiences will be rated against a set of rigorous criteria, selected from the Global Indicator Framework for the Global Goals, in order to identify the ways in which they advance the 11 Global Goals that our sustainability strategy prioritizes. These criteria also account for the educational component of the experience that is vital in helping travelers become aware of their global citizenship. We are committed to integrating at least one MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience across 50% of all itineraries by 2025.

Here are some of the incredible MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® experiences you can do with us to support People, Planet, Wildlife.


Respecting local cultures and championing traditional heritage, we work together with the local communities and artisans we visit.
  • contiki-cares-mtm-experiences-celinecousteau-the-iraq-al-amir-womens-cooperative-jordan

    Meet the inspiring women of the Iraq Al-Amir Women's Cooperative Society, Amman

  • contiki-cares-exp-img-1234eurs2020

    Gain a new perspective on a Berlin walking tour led by a Syrian refugee, Berlin

  • contiki-cares-exp-img-0093eurs2020

    Explore an urban art gallery unlike any other on the streets of Cascais, Lisbon

  • contiki-cares-exp-img-stephceballos-venice-1

    Learn how to be a Gondilieri with a non-profit organisation of passionate female vogatrici, Venice

  • contiki-cares-mtm-experiences-0528asia2018

    Buy crafts from the Dhonk centre and help turn the tide on tiger poaching, India

  • contiki-cares-exp-img-769asia2016

    Visit the COPE centre, a lifeline for those suffering with physical disabilities, Laos

  • contiki-cares-exp-img-1389asia2012

    Eat at TREE Alliance, a restaurant that trains former street kids in hospitality, Cambodia

  • contiki-cares-exp-img-0019ausd2021-sarainfox

    Learn about Indigenous heritage art at the Manitobah Mukluks Storyboot School, Canada

  • contiki-cares-exp-img-carl-nenzen-loven-igkjieyjcko-unsplash

    Use your spare change to help provide bicycle and empower kids with Wheels for Change, USA

  • contiki-cares-exp-img-joel-muniz-a4ax1apccfa-unsplash

    Help reduce inequalities for underrepresented groups with Second Harvest Food Bank, USA

  • contiki-cares-exp-img-0380amer2019

    Support homeless and at risk people at DC Central Kitchen Brown Bag Lunch, USA

  • contiki-cares-exp-img-0131same2019

    Meet the female weavers preserving vibrant local traditions at the Centro de Textiles Tradicionales, Peru

  • contiki-cares-exp-img-1359same2018

    Visit an indigenous community in Tena & meet their shaman, Ecuador

  • contiki-cares-exp-img-pudakul-kakadu-aus

    Try your hand at indigenous craft & bush medicine with your Aboriginal hosts from Pudakul, Darwin

  • contiki-cares-exp-img-2415spac2011

    Discover the ancient living art of Anangu Dot Painting with Maruku Arts, Western Australia

  • contiki-cares-exp-img-luisa-brimble-gbnrcviwhwq-unsplash

    Buy a lunch from Eat My Lunch & donate a second lunch to a schoolkid in need, Auckland

  • contiki-cares-exp-img-filowellington-3

    Help hand out Heart Parcels food to the city’s homeless for an evening, Wellington

  • contiki-cares-exp-img-0084nwzd2013

    Learn about Tikanga and Kawa, Māori customs and protocols, while staying at a traditional marae, Rotorua

  • contiki-cares-exp-img-0112afri2020

    Let a resident guide you around a side of Cape Town few travellers get to see, at a local township, South Africa

  • contiki-cares-exp-img-ryan-cheng-lgqllvaz-ac-unsplash

    Learn the ways and customs of living in the harsh Namibian landscape at Omandumba Living Museum, Namibia


Learn how innovative organisations are tackling issues that affect the health of our planet - from reforestation to strengthening sustainable food systems.


Supporting and educating on ethical animal experiences, we protect the world’s most at risk wildlife from extinction.