4 other uses for dating apps you’ve (probably) never thought of when travelling

Any modern traveller is probably well versed in the world of travel apps, but rather than downloading a dozen new apps for your trip, it’s fun to get crafty and maximize the apps you already have.

Take your dating apps for instance. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we either have them already or have heard all about them from our single friends. Did you ever think that they could be doing double duty?

Here’s how to use your dating apps while you’re travelling to accomplish a variety of things, including the obvious:


Maybe you’re just looking for someone to have dinner with in a strange city. Maybe you’re bored, or maybe you’re looking for someone who will sweep you off your feet and give you a legit reason to pack up and move abroad. Regardless, dating while you’re travelling is an exciting, popular and a fun way to quickly learn about the culture, practice another language and find a local partner in crime.

And if you’re the type of person who likes to plan ahead, settings like Tinder Passport allow you to change your location and talk to people in the places you’re planning on going. That way you can have a week full of dates scheduled before your plane even lands – efficient AF.

Speaking of being efficient, do you know what’s better than being stuck at the airport? Dating at the airport. Because nothing helps to pass the time while you wait for your connection or delayed flight better than a cocktail or coffee with a fellow traveller.

Of course safety is important when you’re meeting up with anyone you’ve met online, but especially when you’re travelling and not in your comfort zone, play it safe. Meeting in a public place, telling someone else where you’re going, and trusting your gut feelings about a person are even more important when you’re meeting in a place that isn’t home.


Make friends

Ever come across people on Tinder who say they’re just looking for ‘friends’ and roll your eyes? What if they actually are just looking for friends?

Putting exactly what you’re looking for in your profile on a dating app may seem weird, but if you explicitly indicate that you’re travelling and looking for people to hang out with in that city, you’ll get less unwanted attention and more legit responses from fellow friend-seekers.

Dating apps are making it even easier to find friends with new settings. Tinder Social allows you and your friends to match up with another group of friends and make for an even better night out, and whether you match with locals or other tourists while you’re travelling it’s a great way to extend your circle abroad.

Bumble even has a BFF setting that allows you to search for new potential friends in the same way you’d search for a date. The fact is, there are lots of apps being used to look for friends, and apps such as Meetup easily do double duty whether you’re looking for friends or dates.

People travel alone all the time, and it’s difficult to make friends as an adult, so apps are super helpful if you’re hesitant to approach potential new friends in person.

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Get recommendations

With the number of young people utilizing dating apps, it makes sense that many travellers are using them to obtain info from locals and other travellers to upgrade their travel plans.

It has become common for users to indicate in their dating app profiles that they are travelling and just looking for tips and recommendations, and many users actually seem to be receptive to this.

Users who swear by this method often run into fellow travellers on the app looking for the same thing, and you’d be surprised at how many locals are willing to chat about their city without it leading to anything more.

So if you’re looking for restaurants, museums, bars or even the best neighborhoods to hang out in, don’t be afraid to use those filters and bios to find what you’re looking for. Who knows, you may even be tempted to ask your new virtual city guide to join you at that ‘best coffee place in town’ they recommended? Crazier things have happened, but don’t ever feel like you’re obligated to do so.


Get specific

While the GPS function on any dating app makes it easy to find people where you are currently, there are dating apps that are designed specifically for dating whilst travelling.

If the idea of meeting up with another traveller rather than a local makes you more comfortable, these apps are the place to go to filter your feed down to a specific type of person – another fellow traveller.

This not only helps to control expectations (you both probably won’t be in town for long, so expectations are more casual) but it’s the equivalent of a singles-only resort in the palm of your hand. If you’re just looking for a travel buddy, don’t get us wrong, you can utilize these apps too, but dating is always on the table.

If this sounds like your kinda app, check out travel-specific apps like Ventoura, Tripr, Skout, Miss Travel and Tourbar.

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