Fascinating Eats From Around the World

One of the great things about travel is when we get the opportunity to "get local" and try different food and drink from that region. Our minds go directly to having pasta and gelato in Italy, or enjoying macarons and chocolate eclairs in France. It adds to your already memorable experience and is always a great story to share with your friends and family: "Remember that time I ate [fill in the blank]?"

Yet there are adventurous foodies out there who go outside their comfort zone and try the delicacies that may seem strange or unusual to our palates. Here's a photo collection of strange and fascinating eats that you may encounter during your travels We dare you to try any of them & report back!

Crickets and roaches and bugs, oh my! - Deep fried and ready to bag (Cambodia)


Deep Fried Fish... scales and all (Vietnam)

Deep fried fish with scales

Escargot - That's right, they're snails (France)

Haggis - Sheep heart, liver, & lungs minced and cooked in sheep's stomach (Scotland)

Steckelfisch - Mackerel on a stick (Germany)