Getting Your Coffee Fix

If there's one constant, it's always a good cup of coffee, brewed to perfection and with the right jolt of sweet to take charge of the day! The best part is, it can served in so many different ways, especially in many different countries, so you'll always be surprised at what can be done with a simple cup!

Ready to travel abroad this summer?  For Starbucks fans, you’ll be happy to know that there are 5,500 Starbucks coffee shops in over 50 different countries – so it seems you’ll never be without your beloved Frappucino…except you might find international varieties around the world and exclusive to that region, including red bean in China and a dulce de leche flavor in Argentina.  You might even find other familiar brands available worldwide, such as Dunkin Donuts and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Other countries have their own special preparation for coffee.  Why not plunge those coffee grounds in a fancy French press while visiting Europe?  Or hop over to Greece, where finely powdered coffee beans are boiled in a pot, sometimes with sugar, and then served in a cup where the dregs settle in the bottom.  Do you like your coffee sweet and strong? In Vietnam, finely ground Vietnamese-grown coffee is individually brewed using a small metal French drip known as a ‘ca phe phin’ over a cup containing condensed milk.  Pop into a coffee shop anywhere in the world, and be adventurous!

get your coffee fix - ca phe phin

Whatever way you want your coffee, you’re bound to find endless ways to get your fix – whether it’s an americano, macchiato, espresso, or latte.  How do you like your coffee?  Strong enough to put hair on your chest, silky smooth and mixed with frothy milk, or not at all?