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Sustainable Travel

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Welcome to our sustainable travel section, supporting the causes closest to our hearts, and joining us on our quest to travel more sustainably and consciously. Because we feel a responsibility for people, wildlife and the wonderful world we share. And we have a duty to Make Travel Matter.

Knysna Township in South Africa

A Guide to Sustainable Tourism in South Africa

#Sustainable Travel by Janine Magnin
Cultural practices of Eswatini

Uncover a vibrant and welcoming culture in Eswatini, one of Africa’s smallest countries

#Sustainable Travel by Charlie Fabre
Torgåsgården in Sweden

Enjoy Swedish traditions and Fika in Dalarna’s hidden gem: Torgåsgården

#Sustainable Travel by Charlie Fabre
Stella Croatica farm and tavern in Split, Croatia

Feast on traditional Croatian dishes at this beautiful farm-to-table tavern near sunny Split

#Sustainable Travel by Charlie Fabre
Daintree Rainforest in Australia

“Nature has a right to exist”: an interview with Rainforest Rescue on the power and importance of The Daintree

#Sustainable Travel by Charlie Fabre
Umbria in Italy

Discover real Italian food in Umbria’s finest MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® farm-to-table lunch experience

#Sustainable Travel by Charlie Fabre
group of travellers on boulders beach looking at african penguins

The South African Penguin Kayaking crew spill the deets on all things flippered-friends and eco-conservation

#Sustainable Travel by Charlie Fabre
horse ride in Iceland

Meet the tight-knit community of Contiki’s charming Icelandic farm-to-table MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience

#Sustainable Travel by Charlie Fabre
A person enjoying sustainable travel at a mountain summit, gazing at the clouds.

Here are the 10 best sustainable travel destinations you need to know about

#Wanderlust by Gabriella Chaudhri
Costa Rica, Pura Vida

A Sustainable travel guide to Costa Rica

#Sustainable Travel by Charlie Fabre
Highland cows in Rothiemurchus in Scotland

‘Loved by generations, cared for by you’: an interview on behalf of the Rothiemurchus wildlife

#Sustainable Travel by Charlie Fabre
Trees for Life team in the Scottish Highlands

‘If you give nature a chance, it will take care of itself’: speaking to the rewilding staff at Trees for Life

#Sustainable Travel by Charlie Fabre