11 unnecessary items girls always pack for a vacation

Ever start off following the packing tips for your trip and end up with a 60 lb suitcase? Forgetting something is a scary thought, which leads to over-packing being a very serious problem for most of us.

The struggle is real when you're trying to pare down, but thankfully there are items that you can DEFINITELY rule out from the start, and these 11 things are on the top of that 'what not to pack' list:

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Your hair dryer

Most hotels have them in the room or at reception, and chances are the wattage will get funky and your dryer from home will die on you. Embrace the evening hair wash and air dry, or use the dryers on hand. You won’t die without your ionic supersonic version for a couple of weeks, we promise.

Magazines and books

They’re just too heavy. Pick ONE or compromise and opt for electronic versions. Paper purist or not, sacrifices must be made when packing.

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Don’t cut it out completely, but definitely cut it down. DON’T bring your grandma’s pearls, or your favourite bracelet. If you would be devastated if it broke or got lost, leave it at home. Bring a few cheap pieces that’ll work for several outfits and call it a day.

High heels

Say NO to stilettos, in Europe especially. You’re gonna be walking a lot, stilettos and cobblestones don’t mix, and shoes in general take up too much room. You won’t need ’em. Opt for ONE pair of comfy heels or cute flats instead. Your ankles and soles will thank you.

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Too many pairs of underwear and socks

Yes, accidents happen, and sweat happens, but be realistic ladies. You’re not gonna go through 30 pairs in 10 days. Practical and cotton options are ideal, so leave the bra-panty matching combo at home. Buy more or do laundry if you really need to.

Too many clothes

You CAN wear the same outfit twice. Really. Especially outside of summer since your jacket will cover it most of the time anyway. Mix and matching is your friend, so put some thought into wardrobe planning.


Too many clothes packing

Brand new clothes

If the last time you wore it was in the dressing room, don’t be prepared to pack it yet. Give it a test run at home before your trip, because there’s a good chance it won’t fit as well or look as good as it did in the store. Comfort is key.

All of your jeans

They’re cute, but they’re bulky, and no one notices if you’re repeating the same pair a few times. They’re also not the most practical or comfortable choice for adventure activities (hiking, bike riding etc.) or in hot weather. Embrace other options.

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Accessories are everything to us at home, but they’re also high on the ‘what not to pack’ list. Too many shoes, too many cute scarves, too many headbands, too many one-off props that you think you might need just in case you feel the sudden urge to cover yourself in temporary tattoos or a belly chain or a flower crown or a belt. Just say NO.

Every piece of makeup/ beauty product you own

Leakage and breakage is evident. Pack it securely, and don’t bring your whole arsenal. Embrace the travel size bottles and go back to the basics, or else be prepared to lose a lot of your luggage weight capacity to the beauty gods.

Makeup packing bags

Cute hats

Unless it’s on your head, chances are it won’t survive your trip intact. A squishy hat is always a letdown, so unless you plan on wearing it a lot or are willing to carry it in-hand, buy one there or opt for a more durable version like a baseball cap instead.


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