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4 sustainability bloggers who will make you want to go green

New Zealand nature

Now more than ever, sustainability is becoming an increasing influence in travel decisions. According to data collected by in March 2016, 2017 will see nearly 2 in 5 travellers (39%) interested in an eco-tour travel experience.

Diminishing are the days of fly and flop holidays, or unconscientious travellers who don’t know their shoe size from their green foot print, and in their place are a new wave of adventure seekers looking for tips on eco-friendly ways to travel, sustainable accommodation, or just a new outlook on life.

Sound like you? These are the sustainability bloggers you need to be following…

Sustainable style fashion @ Water Thru Skin

A certified Yoga Teacher, vegan Chef and full-time conscious travel & lifestyle blogger, Valeria aims to inspire living consciously whilst pursuing travel adventures. Trading in her career as a banker, Valeria now spends her days creating research and reviews surrounding everything from her favorite eco dishes, sustainable fashion and friendly make-up products, to eco-resorts and sustainable tourism. BUT it’s this eco babes effortlessly cool eco-friendly travel looks that really catch our eye.

Nailing boho fashion, Valeria combines style and sustainability into one. This girl knows her stuff! Fair-trade fashion brands, eco-friendly products, ethically made beach wear, vegan leather and even vegan heels are where it’s at. With great recommendations and even a few handy discounts, Water Thru Skin will have you rethinking your summer wardrobe in no time.

Sticking to her eco-friendly ways has resulted in Valeria coming across a few hurdles along the way, particularly when it comes to working with social media agencies. Despite smashing it on her social pages (just check out her awesome insta content @waterthruskin) Valeria struggles to establish long-term agency relationships as she rightly sticks to her consciously living ethos and refuses to promote products that don’t align with this. So like a true entrepreneur, Valeria has created her own agency, WTS Connect which “focuses on representing influencers who are using their voices to raise awareness on global issues, and brands that are setting the bar high in their industries”. Now that’s a real eco-warrior right there!

Luxury-eco travel @ Every Stef

Stef, a 25 years old globe setter, from Bologna in Northern Italy, fell in love with travelling from the age of 11. Fast forward 14 years and Stef is a blogger geared towards promoting sustainable and responsible tourism, whilst still being an advocate of luxury travel. Redefining the stereotype of the eco-traveller, Stef proves that it is possible for conscious travelling and a little glamour to go hand in hand. With a combination of high-end and eco travel knowledge, Every Stef is orientated around off the beaten path destinations, green travel and of course some awesome luxury glamping recommendations.

Making her way across Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Australia, Stef has neatly mapped out her travelling footprint, offering sustainable ways to make your way around the world. With the ultimate list of go-to ecotourism destinations for 2017, narrowed down by where’s hot each month, there’s no fear Stef has a whole load of inspirational musts to add to your eco-travel bucket list.

Eco Experiences @ Eco Traveller Guide

This ecotourism and green travel guide offers tips and inspiration on all things eco-travel. Linda (the mastermind behind EcoTravellerGuide) originally from Northern Ireland, brought a round-the-world ticket in which she quickly became aware of the negative impact globetrotters are having on the world and the increasing importance of ecotourism and responsible travel. The beautifully designed blog gives a tonne of responsible travel, sustainable tourism, ethical tourism and culturally aware travel tips to those looking for some green inspo and new ways to travel. She provides some awesome content for anyone struggling to balance their wanderlust travel desires and environmental conscience.

We particularly rate her awesome experience recommendations for anyone looking for the ultimate eco-adventure. From enchanting tree house stays to exploring the iconic Australian outback, Eco Traveller Guide is sure to provide a whole load of green travel musts, giving you itchy feet to get on board the sustainable travel train.

Wildlife conservation @ Green Global Travel

Brimming with handy hints and advice on greener tourism, adventure couple Brett Love and Mary Gabbett share their uplifting blog focused on spreading the sustainable philosophies of ecotourism and conservation. Eco destinations, national parks & reserves, wildlife conservations, history and cultural explorations provide just some of the extensive content orientated around how to make the world a better place whilst having the ultimate travel adventures. With the ambitious aim of “Saving the world, one story at a time” this sure is the go-to for anyone looking for some eco-travel inspiration!

And then there’s Green Global Travel’s world travel bucket list, which gives some awesome ideas on a whole load of ways to consciously make your way around the globe. So if you’re looking for great hiking trails, waterfalls, mountains, national parks or ecotourism adventures this is a blog that has it all going on. Plus there’s some super informative insight on conservation, with interviews on the likes of wildlife conservation and climate change.

Proving quite the success, Green Global Travel’s informative content has resulted in Brett and Mary speaking at conferences around the world, partnering with major travel brands and even writing for the National Geographic. Celebrating their great interest in wildlife conservations, the couple have also raised an incredible $20,000 for Elephant conservation in Thailand, and Rhino conservation in southern Africa. The rewards of travelling with a conscious don’t get much better than this.