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5 reasons you should go to Pride if you’re straight

pride festival in Brighton

If you’re straight but have never been to a pride event, don’t you think it’s about time? This may be news to some, but if you’re a supporter of LGBTQIA+ rights and are a fan of a good time, there’s no reason why you can’t join in on the Pride celebrations, even if you’re straight. In fact, you should!

Though Pride isn’t “for you”, you are still a welcome addition and your LGBTQIA+ friends and family will be glad to have your company. Joining Pride celebrations as a straight person is the perfect opportunity to show your support and learn something new.

1 – Everyone is welcome!

There’s no secret password or exclusive invitation for Pride. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be anywhere on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, Pride festivities welcome everyone with open arms, be it members of the community or the supportive allies that stand behind them!

Pride is ultimately a celebration of individuality, so if you’re in favour of celebrating, the more the merrier. Don’t feel like you’re not wanted just because the festivities aren’t “for you”.

Note: although Pride as a whole is open and inclusive, there are particular gatherings, parties etc. that are designed to bring together and celebrate specific segments of the community. It’s important to identify these events and be respectful enough to be willingly excluded. If you’re not sure, just ask.

Stockholm Pride

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2 – It’s a way to show your support

Pride coverage often features the most sensational and outrageous aspects of the celebration, but that’s not all that goes on. Pride is a very emotional time for many people, and not everyone will be dancing and smiling 24/7.

There’ll be people of all ages and backgrounds, some with their families or with their partners, some alone, some who have recently discovered their queer identities, some just coming out now.

If you’re going with friends remember that this is a happy time, but it can also be a conflicting one, what with all the challenges the LGBTQIA+ community still faces today. You’re there to share in the joy and support through the rough patches as well. Your LGBTQIA+ loved ones will be thankful for it.

3 – It’s a way to join forces

As we mentioned, Pride isn’t always all about celebrating the love. It’s also about raising awareness to all the issues that the LGBTQIA+ community still faces today. Even though we’ve made some amazing progress towards equality, we’re not done. Expect to see many marches and people donning signs of protest.

Sadly, there will also be protests coming from those who oppose LGBTQIA+ rights. What you can do, is protect your friends and help them fight their fight. We don’t recommend stealing the platform away from them, but if you can, use your voice to amplify those of your friends’, and raise awareness of the issues within your own circle as well. Until the whole world is on the same page, it’s important for us all to stand up for the rights and equality that Pride represents at its core.

A crowd of people participating in a pride event, proudly walking down a street with rainbow flags.

Image source:Contiki

4 – You’ll learn something new

LGBTQIA+ people come from all different backgrounds, and each of their stories are different. Don’t assume that because you have a few queer friends you understand the whole of the LGBTQIA+ experience. Talk to people you meet, don’t be shy and go up and ask questions. As long as you’re being polite and respectful, you’ll be met with joy and honesty.

That being said, LGBTQIA+ people don’t exist to be the educators of others, and while people are happy to clarify and answer your questions, if you can do some research beforehand that’ll go a long way. But be open to everything you see and everyone you meet – you’re bound to take some fascinating and heartfelt stories home with you.

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5 – You’ll have an amazing time

Whether it’s from enjoying the good party vibes or watching your friends get to be happy in their community and seeing everyone becoming their true authentic selves, Pride is a beautiful and wonderful time. It’s full of smiles and laughs, it’s full of happy tears from all the strong emotions, it’s full of hugs and amazing shows.

We promise you’ll find so much joy in being enveloped by the LGBTQIA+ community and it’s 100% worth going.

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