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Contiki Pride: A European celebration of travel and love you cannot miss!

best pride celebrations in Europe - Amsterdam

When it comes to Pride, there’s only one way to celebrate: Go big or go home! And boy oh boy do we go BIG!

We love travel, we love love, we love a celebration, we love Pride, and the list goes on and on and on. It’s no wonder Contiki Pride is one of our favourite special departures. With awesome Trip Managers who know the secrets of each city, and a brand new pack of queer travellers and allies, we’re just so excited it’s back for another year!

From London to Paris to Amsterdam, feel the joy wrap around you like the warm July sun. Soak up the city’s vibrant energy, gawk at the iconic views, and dance-til-you-drop at the fabulous parties we have planned. Transport and accomms (and even Pride afterparty tickets) are included and the itinerary is expertly planned for you; we’ve got it all covered. So it’s stress free and heavy on the good vibes!

If you’re ready to spread the love then Contiki Pride is one trip you won’t want to miss!


Let’s kick off in London and get to know each other over a three-course family meal in the city’s sparkling West End, the entertainment hub of London. Hope you’re not too full ‘cos our second day will start with a bottomless brunch to keep the fun and friendships going!

Take some time for yourself to explore all London has to offer. We recommend taking a Drag walking tour through Soho, London’s LGBTQIA+ district, as well as paying a visit to some iconic and inclusive spaces like Common Press bookstore and Gay’s the Word. Of course, don’t miss cultural jewels like the London Eye and the Southbank Centre, the trendiest spots in Camden Market and Portobello Road.

Oxford street at night in London

Image source:Contiki


The city of luuurve, let yourself be dazzled! We’ll tour magical Paris by evening light and spot some fan favourite landmarks, like the glittering Eiffel Tower – a dream. Another Contiki fam meal to keep the good vibes going. Escargot anyone?

Meet back in the am for a unique walking patisserie tour. Who knew crème patissière was so delicious? Then it’s more free time for snapping Insta-worthy pics, trying to get a glimpse of the Mona Lisa in the bustling Louvre, and picnics on the Champs de Mars. We’ll venture into Le Marais as well, and learn about LGBTQIA+ history.


Image source:Contiki

5 reasons you should go to Pride if you’re straight

5 reasons you should go to Pride if you’re straight

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Finally, we descend onto Amsterdam and flood the canal and gable-housed streets with all our positive vibes and energy! We’re hoping on a cocktail sampling cruise down the iconic canal for a lavish evening of rest. Let’s not forget Amsertdam’s amazing art scene, and the easy going party scenes.

And at long last, gather your friends, put on your best festival clothes, and let’s head to Amsterdam Pride! We’ll take to beautiful ships with perfect rainbow decor and drift down the canal with like-minded people from all over the world to celebrate love and freedom and being who we are. 

Don’t want to leave the festivities? We’ve scored tickets to the after-party…

Pride in Amsterdam Canal

Image source:Contiki

Special stops to show the love

It ain’t all about the parties and fabulous meals though. We want travel and pride to be all about appreciating culture and the steps the brave and amazing activists took before us so that we can be so open about our LGBTQIA+ cheer.

Take a twilight tour of Paris

A fairytale tour around the most popular city in the world. The sky is purple and misty, the lights are bright gold and twinkling, you’re walking along the gentle Seine – perfection! Get familiar with the landmarks, and wander through Le Marais, Montmartre and Pigaille, the new and old LGBTQIA+ neighbourhoods.

Paris at night

Image source:Contiki

Moulin Rouge dinner in Paris

Dust off your Sunday best and head to Moulin Rouge for a special night of ambiance and cabaret. In the dim glow of lamp-light bask in the flair of acrobats and can-can girls, feathers and sequins, and enjoy a three course meal with the show.

Float down the Amsterdam Canal with open eyes

Slip into the shoes of Amsterdam migrants and learn the role they’ve played in shaping the city into the open and diverse place it is today. Our MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience will let you see Amsterdam through a different lens and our guides will tell you their inspirational migration stories as well. 

amsterdam, netherlands

Image source:Contiki

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