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5 air travel tips to make your plane ride more enjoyable

airplane interior

We already know your upcoming vacation is going to be amazing but the journey to get there is also something you should be prepared for – the long plane ride that takes you to your destination.

Here are some air travel tips and tricks for making sure your vacation starts off on the right foot and that you take advantage of those long flights to catch up on sleep, read your favorite book, or just plan your adventure!

Easy Access Entertainment

Be sure to pull out your electronics, books, magazines, or anything you want to have readily available before the flight takes off from the gate.  This will eliminate you fumbling through your carry-on to find all of your items, which are compiled neatly in the seat-back pocket.  Break up your time from watching the in-flight entertainment with crosswords, books, or even a rousing game of Angry Birds on your smartphone.

So Fresh & So Clean

Always pack a fresh pair of clothes in your carry-on for emergencies (lost luggage, stains, etc.) – it will also help if the temperature of the aircraft is cooler than you expected and you want some layers.  Also, have a travel toothbrush and toothpaste on hand.  With long flights, multiple meals, and parched throats, being able to brush your teeth will allow you to keep up your hygiene habits but also reduce that icky feeling you get from sitting in the same spot and same clothes for hours on end.

Love to sleep? Invest in eye masks & ear buds

For some, falling asleep on a long-haul flight comes as naturally as it does as home.  For others, the sound of the turbines, the stream of light shining in from a rogue airplane window, or the hustle and bustle of fellow passengers and flight crew may make your chance to grab some shut-eye near impossible.  Having an eye mask and some ear buds can dramatically change your ability to snooze, so if you want to get some rest on the plane, try tuning out.

Stay Hydrated & Combat Dryness

While you may not be able to take that bottle of Pepsi you just bought at the convenient store, take advice from Contiki’s must-have carry-on items and take an empty water bottle with you through security.  You’ll be able to find a drinking fountain, refill your bottle, and have a source of hydration easily accessible so you don’t have to flag down a flight attendant when you’re parched.  Dehydration can also dry out your skin and lips so be sure to pack some lip balm and lotion.  Since the airplane is a pressurized cabin, you can easily get dehydrated – so a water bottle is an excellent way to make sure you’re staying hydrated and comfortable on the plane, and lip balm and lotion can keep your skin from feeling super dry.

Make a Case for the Aisle Seat

Most people love having a window seat because it’s so enjoyable to have  something to lean your head on when you fall asleep, or you prefer to gaze out the window at the world below.  However, having the aisle seat gives you easy access to the restrooms or the opportunity to stretch your legs without having to bother anyone else.  If you don’t mind having your fellow passengers bother you when it’s their time to get up, the aisle seat can be fantastic to stretch your legs during long haul flights.