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How to hack your annual leave and turn 20 days into 42

Contiki Calendar Hack

If you’re a full-time employee with a mere 20 days of annual leave to carefully use up throughout the year, there’s guaranteed to be one thing on your mind. How to I max my holidays?!

From the azure waters of Croatia to the hiking trails of Patagonia, your mind is *probably* overflowing with ideas of where to spend your precious days off. So, how can you beat the office blues and spend more time travelling this year?

Well, for all you Aussie readers, your public holiday dates make it incredibly simple to hack your holiday calendar and maximise your annual leave.


Image source:Contiki

Using the Contiki 2020 Trip Planner you can actually turn your 20 days off into a casual 42, giving you three extra weeks of holiday time this year. Hallelujah!

So, here’s how it works: the purple circled dates are your public holidays (think Australia Day and the Easter Long Weekend). The yellow circled dates show your weekend extenders. Lastly, the green circled dates are when you would apply for holiday leave in between.

You can score four days off in January, followed by a whopping 16 days in April – quick trip to Asia, anyone? – before landing another nine days in June, three days in October and 13 days in December. Epic is an understatement.

Contiki Annual Leave Hack 2020

Image source:Contiki

In case aesthetically pleasing calendars aren’t your vibe, here are the dates to help you figure out how to double your annual leave:

This hack is so genius – you’re welcome. So, it’s probably a good idea to ask your boss to approve your leave RIGHT NOW (before everyone else in your office figures it out).

Now, if only you could decide how to spend all of your extra days off…

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