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QUIZ! Which on-screen Bridgerton couple are you?

which Bridgerton couple are you

Head-over heels for the Bridgerton family? Join the club! The love affairs and romantic stories that have bloomed from Violet and Edmund’s children are just impeccable – more than enough to make any watcher dream and swoon. 

With the arrival of Season 3, the whole Ton, or world, is in a tizzy. We can’t wait to see the long-awaited relationship between Colin and Penelope unfold and find out what delicious twists and turns Shonda Rimes has developed for us. But, if you’re feeling too impatient and need that Regency hit now, why not pass the time by finding out which on-screen Bridgerton couple you are!

Do this with your partner or alone, and we’ll tell you which regal couple you most resemble, and where you should book your next romantic holiday to.

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