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The complete stunning and regal Bridgerton filming locations across the UK

A man and woman are kissing in a large room at Bridgerton filming locations.

Bridgerton, the Netflix period drama that’s not suuuuper accurate to the times but filled with enough steamy romances and delicate dresses to give it a pass, is finally back for the long-awaited season 3. Eeek! Best described as a captivating crossbreed between Gossip Girl and Downton Abbey, with a refreshing multicultural cast mix to boot, it’s little wonder the series has captured so many fans across the world. But where was Bridgerton filmed? 

The short answer is England – many country houses and manors across the country have played host to the Bridgerton cast, and have well and truly created an immersive setting for the Ton. The long answer however… Well, we’ve embodied the expert sleuth, Lady Whistledown, to give you all the deets about the very fancy Bridgerton filming locations. 


Season 1 filming locations

1. The streets of Bath

Although most of Bridgerton is set in London in the early 1800s, London is not actually on screen! Instead, a majority of the street scenes are shot 2.5 hours away from the capital city on the streets of Bath.

The city’s architecture is perfect for the show’s time period, and it’s also less busy than London which probably makes filming easier! The Abbey Deli in the city serves as the location for the Ton’s modiste, and if you visit it you’ll find all kinds of memorabilia and even be able to purchase Bridgerton-themed tea blends!

Bath is a gorgeous British city with good food, a great art scene, and of course the natural hot springs where you can head for a soak. 

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2. Rangers House, London

The exterior of the Bridgerton family residence, covered in pastel wysteria, is actually right in London! Greenwich, to be precise, and this prominent Bridgerton filming location is at the Ranger’s House which you can visit as an art museum. 

It’s interesting to note that at the time when Bridgerton is set – 1813 – Ranger’s House was actually inhabited by King George III’s sister, Princess Augusta. So, even though the villa may not be covered in stunning blooms, it’s still an abode worthy of the Viscountess and her family!

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3. Wilton House, Salisbury

When it comes to exteriors and establishing shots, sifting through England’s more than fair share of 1800s-appropriate architecture to use as Bridgerton filming locations was easy. But, in order to keep scenes authentic to the times, the interior shots proved to be more challenging.

As a result, many of the shots of the characters’ various homes were all filmed inside the Wilton House, such as the Queen’s throne room and the Duke of Hastings’ dining hall. The estate dates back to 1544 and has been the seat of the Earls of Pembroke for over 400 years, but the house is open to the public for visits back in time.

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4. Leigh Court, Somerset

The drama-filled balls of Bridgerton needed an impressive setting, and they delivered! Leigh Court served as the perfect filming location for these ballroom scenes, with the historic Princes, Ingenue, and Crawford ballrooms all under one roof. 

The grand double staircase just makes this venue even better, and though Leigh Court is not open to the public, it can be hired as a wedding venue, allowing brides to make an elegant entrance down the staircase just like Daphne.

5. Holburne Museum of Art, Bath

Bridgerton, true to its era, had its fair share of balls, so one filming location could not be enough. Many of the classical-cover-of-pop-songs-backed dances were filmed inside the Holburne Museum of Art in Bath. This museum holds an impressive collection of 18th-century art that you can visit on your trip to the fictional Ton.

Holburne Museum was also the Bridgerton filming location used for the exterior of Lady Danbury’s stately home, as well as some of the interiors. Maybe a portrait of the Duchess will be added as an Easter egg for fans in the future…?

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6. Royal Crescent, Bath

From the very beginning of the series, Grosvenor Square in Mayfair is named as the epicentre of the Bridgerton universe. Despite the name drop within the first minute, the real square in London isn’t found in the show. 

Instead, Bath’s Royal Crescent served as the filming location for many of the characters’ arrivals and departures home, including the Featherington abode. It’s a beautiful place to walk, whether you call one of the 30 homes on the Crescent your own or not, and it’s the perfect place to snap some photos!

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7. Castle Howard, York

As things in Season 1 wrap up and our fave couple, Simon and Daphne, finally start their (complicated) lives together, we’re introduced to their marital crib, and Simon’s ancestral home, Clyvedon. 

Filmed in Castle Howard in York, this is a Bridgerton filming location that you absolutely cannot miss. Baroque and jaw-dropping, the symmetrical wings and domed crown will leave you in awe – not to mention the grounds that just seem to go on and on forever. 

Other notable filming locations

Other Bridgerton filming locations for Season 1 also include Chatham Dockyard in Kent which served as Simon’s friend, Will’s, boxing club and ring; the iconic Hyde Park in London where the cast went for a few strolls; Badminton House in Gloucestershire which served as various interiors for Simon’s London estate; and finally Syon House in London which doubled as the backdrop for Simon’s childhood flashbacks.

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Season 2 filming locations

Many of the Bridgerton filming locations from Season 1 made a return for Season 2, including Ranger’s House, Wilton House, Hampton Court Palace and Holburne Museum. Let’s discover the dazzling new venues for the Bridgerton-Sharma drama.

1. Wrotham Park, London

In addition to wardrobe envy, Bridgerton gave us major garden envy, and neither of these stopped in Season 2. We get the first glimpse of Aubrey Hall, the ancestral home of the Bridgertons, where many ruthless games of croquet are had.

The grand and lush gardens are huge, and the house isn’t too shabby either! Sadly Wrotham Park isn’t open to the public but it can be hired for weddings or events – so fingers crossed our invitation to a Bridgerton ball doesn’t get lost in the mail!

A few other shots of Aubrey Hall’s grounds were filmed at Wrest Park in Bedfordshire, though the majority of them were at Wrotham Park.

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2. Hampton Court Palace, Molesey

Only a palace is fit for a Queen, and although the real life Buckingham didn’t make any appearances in Bridgerton, another royal castle did. Hampton Court Palace was the home of King Henry VIII in the 15th and 16th centuries, but more importantly it served as the home of Queen Charlotte in the show.

We do briefly see it in Season 1, but the location has a more prominent role in Season 2. The regal grounds of the palace are just the PERFECT Bridgerton filming location, complete with a fountain and symmetrical gardens. We get a great look at them during several scenes in Season 2, including one where Queen Charlotte shows her new zebras to the Sharma sisters, and another where the Ton wait outside to find out whether Anthony and Edwina will marry or not.

Hampton Court Palace is open to the public for visits, and you can book a guided tour to uncover the real scandals of history as well.

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3. Syon House, Brentford

A previous Bridgerton filming location for Season 1 (though not very prominent), it returns in Season 2 for a very glitzy event indeed! Lady Danbury hosts the very first ball of the season where Queen Charlotte is set to decide on her diamond, and where Kate and Anthony recognise each other from a previous horseback meeting…

Although Syon House is the home of the Duke of Northumberland and has plenty of history behind it, it will forever be known to us as the drama-infused location where two stubborn eldest siblings sealed their fate to a classical cover of Madonna’s Material Girl.

Syon House, England

Image source:Phil Lev / unsplash

4. Basildon Park, Reading

Basildon Park is a National Trust Property and has all the airs of a home in the Ton. The beautiful green grounds (with roaming cows!) stretch for miles surrounded by trees for extra privacy, which is a good thing for what goes down here.

The Featherington ball – the first we’ve seen in the show – takes place here at the end of the season and a few things happen. We bid adieu to a certain character that we won’t be missing, and we see Kate and Anthony dance to Wrecking Ball while their chemistry charges the air!

5. Petworth House, West Sussex

If you were wondering where the Ton go when they’re in the mood to look at some fine art, well wonder no more! The answer is Petworth House, a real museum filled to the brim with artwork from the ages. The show was filmed in the North end of the building, but if you choose to visit this stately home you can roam free.

The exteriors of the art gallery however were shot at the Royal Artillery Barracks in London, which are actually quite gorgeous!

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6. Windsor Great Park

I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with Kate and Anthony’s charged enemies-to-lovers affair. So, if you’re like me, Windsor Great Park is THE Bridgerton filming location that you have to visit as many of the couples’ scenes take place here.

Starting with their fated meeting on horseback while Kate was riding across the Bridgerton estate, unbeknownst to her. The sprawling woods also double as some of the woods in Aubrey Hall, where the couple engage in a battle of wits over a game of pall-mall, in the mud. Romantic or what?

It is of course backed by the royal destination to end all royal destination: Windsor Palace, so a day trip here will leave you feeling all kinds of important and grand.

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7. Old Royal Naval College, London

A rom-com is nothing without some kind of montage – and we are treated to one right away in Season 2! In search of the new Viscountess Bridgerton, Anthony searches the eligible ladies of the Ton to no avail. These fruitless meetings take place in the halls of the Old Royal Naval College.

We highly recommend visiting this Bridgerton filming location if only to gawk at the giant painted ceilings. The exteriors of the Naval College also serve as a market location, and the outside of the Featherington home.

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8. Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club, Berkshire

What better place to woo your potential future wife than the races? This was Anthony’s exact thought process, so he took his siblings, Edwina, and her family for a day filled with extravagant outfits, betting, and horses. This was all filmed at the Berkshire Polo Club, which is frequented by British high society today, including Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!

9. St. James’ Church, London

Heads were turning all around the Ton when Queen Charlotte herself announced that she’d be hosting and organising the marriage between Edwina Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton – it would be the ultimate wedding of high society. And while this is a great story, it’s St. James’ Church that steals the show.

With classic wooden pews and aisles, a cream arched ceiling with gilded columns and ornaments, and a stained glass window to light things up, this 17th century church is a true British crown jewel.


Image source:Liam Daniel / Netflix

Other notable filming locations

Season 2 also took place at Lancaster House, Goldsmith’s Hall and Wilton’s Music Hall in London, West Wycombe Park (where Anthony fell into the lake and delivered that scene) in Buckinghamshire, and the RAF Halton in Aylesbury.

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Season 3 filming locations

So, Bridgerton’s third season hasn’t been released yet (so soon!) but it’s safe to assume that a collection of the previous filming locations will return. Just like Whistledown, we’ve done some wall-flowering and picked up some nuggets of information of some of the rumoured Bridgerton filming locations for Season 3. Here are the ones we know from now, and we will return when more information is divulged!

1. Claydon House, Buckinghamshire

Rumour has it that Claydon House will appear this season as one of the Bridgerton filming locations, but as to what specifically it will be depicting we have yet to know! All we have is this little crumb. 

What we can tell you is that Claydon House is a National Trust Property built in the 18th century, so this location is particularly apt for the saucy regency drama. The interiors are divine, and the grounds are as large and sprawling as ever, with a mirror-like lake on the property as well. 

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2. Squerryes Court, Sevenoaks

These beautiful gardens will apparently serve as the backdrop for a garden party in episode 1. True to the show, whispers of gossip will be heard all around, and I’m sure we’ll see some shots of Penelope wandering the venue, perhaps searching for her ex-best friend Eloise. This may be where we get our first glimpse of Colin, the leading man of the season, as he returns from his European adventure – too bad Contiki didn’t exist in the 19th century, he would have loved it. 

3. Grimsthorpe Castle, Lincolnshire

Another new to season 3 Bridgerton filming location, Grimsthorpe Castle will play the home to a new character named Lord Hawkins. Apparently he is quite an eccentric man all about inventions, so his habitat had to reflect this. Though Grimsthorphe isn’t strange by regular standards, it certainly has a colder air compared to the rest of the warmly decorated homes.

4. Basildon Park

Though Basildon Park appeared in Season 2 for the Featherington ball, it will play a larger role this season by reportedly being the base for the home of yet another new character, Lady Tilley Arnold. 

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5. Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire

Blenheim Palace is HUGE and has been owned by the Duke of Marlborough and his family for years and years and years. It first appeared in the Bridgerton spin-off show Queen Charlotte, actually, as the exterior for her Buckingham House home, but it will now make its debut in the main show as the same location. 

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6. Painshill Park, Surrey

Painshill Park, a very gorgeous green area in Surrey, has appeared in Bridgerton a few times over the seasons as various picnic and walking locations for the characters. It returns again in Season 3 with a slightly bigger role as Lord Hawkins attempts to demonstrate the workings of his new invention. Let’s hope nothing goes awry and that the park stays intact…

7. Woburn Walk, Bloomsbury

Things are looking up for certain characters this season, specifically the modest Madame Delacroix whose business is booming! Because of this, she has apparently expanded her store, and so a new location had to be found. Enter Woburn Walk, located near London’s famous Russell Square.

If you’re planning on visiting, though, you should bear in mind that the walk may look nothing like it does on TV as the showrunners gave it a complete makeover to fit in with the Regency Era style. Still beautiful though!

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8. North Mymms Park, Hertfordshire

And last but not least, the final Season 3 Bridgerton filming location that we know of is North Mymms Park which plays host to Will’s newly opened and favoured gentlemen’s club, White’s. The club itself is based on and inspired by a real life club that was opened in 1693 of the same name, but for the purposes of the show interiors were shot here at this warm country estate.

Other filming locations

As you may have come to expect, the Bridgerton crew always go full out in finding the perfect locations to use as settings for the drama and love affairs unfolding in the Ton. So here are a few more that will play a part in Season 3: Luton Hoo Estate, Osterley Park and House in Hounslow, Kingston Bagpuize House in Oxfordshire, and Chiswick House in London.

The complete stunning and regal Bridgerton filming locations across the UK

The complete stunning and regal Bridgerton filming locations across the UK

Charlie Fabre
by Charlie Fabre Apr 28, 2023

Queen Charlotte filming locations

Released separately to the main Bridgerton show, but still as intense, steamy, and heart-wrenching, Queen Charlotte tells the story of the Queen, her coming to power, and her relationship with the gentle but burdened King George. Certain Bridgerton filming locations return like Hampton Court Palace, Wilton House, Syon House, and…. But, as this was a slightly different production, many new filming locations were introduced for this show – so let’s get into them!

1. Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire

Mentioned above in season 3, the first shots we get of the luxurious Blenheim Palace are in Queen Charlotte as they serve as the exteriors for Buckingham House where Charlotte resides alongside her trustee guard, butler, and friend, Brimsley. It’s grandiose and utterly fit for a King and Queen and well worth a visit.

The interiors of Buckingham House were filmed at a few other equally glamorous homes such as Hatfield House in Hertfordshire and Hampton Court Palace in Molesey, and the sprawling gardens were filmed at Belton House in Lincolnshire.

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2. Waddesdon Manor, Aylesbury

If you’re wondering where King George spends all his time away from Charlotte, the answer is Kew Palace. Fitted with majestic gardens and even an observatory where George watches the stars, these shots were filmed at Waddesdon Manor in Aylesbury. It’s simply stunning, especially when the front gardens are in bloom and the sun is out shining on all that colour.

The interiors for Kew Palace were also shot at Belton House, making full use of this location during the show.

3. Merton College, Oxford

In the very first episode of Queen Charlotte our eponymous main character is set to be married to King George, even though she has not yet met him. She attempts an escape through the backyard, trying and failing to climb over a wall (and providing the sweetest first meeting). 

The chapel where Charlotte and George are due to unite is St. James’ Chapel, but in real life it is actually the interiors of Merton College, a real constituent college of the prestigious University of Oxford. Wow!

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4. Dorney Court, Windsor

Queen Charlotte is not just about the Queen’s story, but also that of our beloved Lady Danbury, as we learn what her married life was like before, and how her family was bestowed Lady and Lordship. Before they are given a title, the Danburys live in this charming and magical-feeling Tudor mansion called Dorney Court, which has been used in many other period dramas! 

5. Firle Place, Sussex

We also get a glimpse at a young Violet Bridgerton in this series – known as Violet Ledger before her marriage. Her on-screen family home, which shares a border with the Danbury’s new palatial estate, was filmed at Firle Place which is a stunning privately-owned estate. The high ceilings and delicate furnishings really set the scene, and if you think you recognise it you just might! Firle Place was also used to film the 2020 adaptation of Emma.

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Other filming locations

The cast and crew of Queen Charlotte also made an appearance at these locations across the UK: Hackney Empire in London, Queen’s House in Greenwich, Ditton Manor in Berkshire, the Bath Assembly Rooms in Bath, and Goldsmith’s Hall in London.

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