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QUIZ! Which tennis Open should you go to based on the Challengers character you are

which Challengers character am I?

From the flusters of friendship and love, to the perfect rave-like beats that punctuate that final tennis match, Challengers is a sexy and intense drama that I just can’t get out of my head. Whether you went into the cinema because you like Zendaya, you want to see the next instalment of Luca Guadagnino’s gorgeous collection of films, or you’re a sucker for a love triangle; it’s probably safe to say you came out of it obsessed (and maybe considering some tennis lessons). 

This is the question on every fan’s mind: are you team Art, Patrick, or Tashi? Well, with this quiz it doesn’t really matter because instead you can go further and find out which character you ARE (for better or worse)! So, whether you’re a long time tennis fan or new to the sport, find out which Challengers character you most resemble, and which Open you should head to.

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