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One Day filming locations that you can have a beautiful, romantic time in

One Day, show on Netflix

Love is in the air and it’s all thanks to Netflix’s new show One Day. Based on the David Nicholls novel of the same title, One Day is all about love over the years and ‘wrong time’ connections, with all the angst in between. Starring Leo Woodall (from White Lotus) and Ambika Mod, the couple move around Europe to some stunning destinations. 

Want to know where? Well, these are the One Day filming locations that you can travel to in real life, and have a love story of your own! 

Minor spoilers, beware!

Edinburgh, Scotland

Where it all began, Emma and Dex first met at a graduation party in Edinburgh, and to be honest this is definitely one of the most romantic places for a meet-cute in the UK, so well done them. The scenes here are filmed around University of Edinburgh, the Vennel Steps, Grassmarket, and of course the iconic Arthur’s Seat – which is a real place!

You can take a day trip to Edinburgh and visit all these gorgeous places and catch a bird’s eye view of the city from atop Arthur’s Seat. It’s a hike, but it’s an easy and quite accessible one, so make sure you head there for a syrupy sunset.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Image source:Contiki

Rome, Italy

What’s a rom-com without a hint of Rome? The classical city, filled with beautiful architecture and art, makes for the perfect backdrop for Dex to spend some time with his parents.

The Spanish Steps, one of Rome’s biggest tourist attractions, of course features in this episode, and you can head there and recreate some of the scenes with your Contiki crew if you’d like! But Dex and his mother also wander through the Trastevere quarter filled with delicious-smelling trattorias, we’re sure, as well as waiting in front of the stunning Fontana dell’Acqua Paola. 

Paros, Greece

If you could pick a couple’s holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go? Probably Greece, right? Yeah, makes sense, and it made sense for Emma and Dex too seeing as they set off to Paros to spend some gorgeous time in the sun.

Paros was their island of choice, and of all the Greek Islands to choose from it’s definitely a top contender! Pretty fishing villages filled with colourful sea creatures and narrow cobble-stone streets – that’s classic Greece! And don’t forget the many, many, white beaches, as well as the iconic blue and white buildings which make the country look like a total dream. The cast and crew were totally lucky to be heading here as a One Day filming location.


Image source:Contiki

London, England

The slow-burning adventure resumes in London, with time spent in some of the bustling city’s more quaint and tranquil areas. If you’re wanting a perfect picnic date like Dex and Emma’s, then Primrose Hill is where you should head. This area of London is perfect for Sundays: you know, days spent in each other’s company, having brunch, walking around pretty streets, admiring colourful houses, and gazing over London’s skyline from the top of the hill.

We also follow Emma and Dex through London in areas around Kings Cross station, as well as The Savoy hotel, and in Islington and Hammersmith where the fictional Loco Caliente Mexican restaurant is set. There’s so much to do and see in London, so it’s no wonder the crew make use of this for many One Day filming locations.

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Hertfordshire, England

Things get a little fancy as we head to Hertfordshire with Dex, for an interesting weekend. The regal setting of the episode is actually Benington Lordship, a house I’m sure we all wish we could live in, surrounded by miles and miles of nature, and dainty snowdrops in the winter.

Hatfield House was a major filming location used for episode nine, which is a gorgeous manor with manicured grounds that you can visit in real life. This house is quite a popular filming location, actually, as it’s also used for The Favourite and Bridgerton.

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Paris, France

Finally, our last One Day filming location, it’s Paris. After Emma moves to the city, Dex visits her, and we follow the pair as they take a breezy stroll through one of the most gorgeous cities of the world.

The architecture is as old as their love story, and they cross the Passerelle Emmanuelle Riva over the Canal St. Martin which is quiet and green and perfect for some alone time together. It’s fitting then, that a rom-com should find its way to the city of love, and you can fall in love too with Contiki on our Parisian twilight walks and patisserie tours.

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