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There’s an exhibition happening inside a 3,000 square foot bounce house in New York City


There comes a time in every adult’s life when they decide paying bills and working 9 to 5 is overrated. Of course, you can’t turn back time and decide to never grow up, but what you can do is find an activity that releases your inner child. Enter the bounce house of your dreams in New York City!

Right now, in Dumbo, Brooklyn (a borough of New York City) there is a custom 3,000 square foot blow-up children’s bouncing castle (well, entire room actually) that stands 14 feet tall and mimics an old mental hospital with padded walls and an all-white palette. The inflatable arena was created by extremely cool artist CJ Hendry and it’s currently the hottest spot in Dumbo.



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When you ‘check into the ward’, you’ll get a hospital bracelet


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Everyone is getting involved, even this adorable 88-year-old couple!


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Hendry is usually known for her black and white pen drawings and pop-culture callbacks, so her latest installation is a new area for her with its immersive elements and colour (we promise it’s not all white walls!). This is Hendry’s sixth solo exhibition and the art is meant to evoke either feelings of claustrophobia and fear, or childhood nostalgia—It really depends on how you view it. All of your feelings are valid here.

Along with the bounce house, the walls are adorned with trippy, colourful ink blot style art (these are pencil drawn NOT paint, in case you’re confused) in the style of Rorschach tests that were once used to check someone’s emotional leanings. They’re also similar to the paint squishes we all did as kids and then insisted our parents display on the fridge—cue nostalgia.


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It’s only open until April 21st (unless we can convince the team to extend it *wink wink*) so get in quick! Admission is only $10 and it’s open every day from 10am till 9pm. If you’re quick, you’ll even score a pair of limited-edition RORSCHACH socks at the door.


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Can’t make it to the exhibition in real life? You can take a virtual tour here (I know, I know, technology).

Image credit: CJ Hendry Studios

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