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Introducing Contiki’s Plus range. Same social travel. Just a bit fancy.

Contiki travellers on sail boat in Croatia

Sometimes in life, you’re already perfectly happy with what you’ve got. But when offered, it’s hard to say no to that lil’ bit extra. You know what I’m talking about. “Do you want fries with that?” “Single or a double shot?”, “Would you like to see the desserts menu”…or “Do you want to pay a bit extra to have a pool?”

Which brings us neatly to Contiki’s brand new Plus range. Because what we’re talking about here are our Plus trips which range over a few different ‘genres’ of travel: Island Hopping, Greek-lovers, and European adventures! But if it only costs a bit extra for that cherry on top? Well, why not treat yo’self? Allow us to explain…

Island Hoppers Plus

Can our Island Hopping trips get any better? It’s hard to believe, but it turns out they actually can! Take our Thai Island Hopper West for example, an absolute fan favourite of ours! Cruising from Phuket to Krabi to the Phi Phi isles and making stops along the way to party on Bangla Road, give back at an elephant sanctuary, and float along the bay. Already pretty, epic, right?

Well, we’ve thrown in some beaut new accommodations, as well as a few extra treats to make your time in paradise REALLY stand out. Remember the elephants? You can now visit them at an included cost and give back to the people running this heart-warming cause. We’ll also be taking you on an excursion to Tiger Temple (can’t promise real tigers though), and treating you to a magical beach resort stay.

Our Island Hopping adventures in the Plus range include Thai Island Hopper West, Greek Island Hopping, and Croatia Island Sail. Want to get that little bit of luxury? Visit the trip pages linked above, scroll down, and opt for the Plus edition of these getaways!


Image source:Contiki

Trips down to Greece

We love Greece, it’s no secret, and some of our trips include even more love! Take our Athens to Santorini trip for example: dazzling views of the island, syrupy sunsets, amazing Greek food (I dream of tzatziki constantly) and plenty of beach and sun. 

But if you want to be more comfortable – if you like to lead a lavish life – then our Plus variation is for you! Not only will you have more comfort and privacy when it comes to your accommodation, we’re also throwing in a guided tour of Santorini’s capital city Fira. Here you can go shopping between the white and blue buildings, and you’ll be in the direct eyeline of the volcano which sits in the middle of the Santorini crescent. It’s quite a view, especially at sunset, and well worth the extra cash.

Our Greek adventures in the Plus range include Athens to Santorini, London to Athens, and Spotlight on Greece and Athens to Santorini. Need a taste of the Mediterranean high life? Visit the trip pages linked above, scroll down, and opt for the Plus edition.

European adventures

Europe has been the focus of many travellers’ bucket lists as of late, and we completely get why! Rich history, varied architecture and foodie scenes, and some really beautiful weather that doesn’t get too harsh – what’s not to love about Europe? If you’re preparing for your Euro summer this year and want to know how you can take it up a notch in terms of style, we’ve got some Plus trips for you. 

Our European Horizon is a 10 day whirl through 7 countries, promising plenty of learning and adventure opportunities, as well as the usual bonding experiences with fellow globetrotters. This trip is a dream and a great introduction to Europe for any new-comers especially! But the Plus variation is something special. You’ll get to stay in some real classy 2-3 star hotels, and we’re also giving you a chance to discover more of Switzerland with the fairy-tale-like town of Lucerne. 

Other European Plus trips include European Escapade, European Whirl, and European Adventurer. Interested in unlocking even more of Europe and getting that royal treatment? Head to the trip pages above and select the Plus variation! You won’t regret it. 

Image source:Contiki

Festival trips

Who doesn’t love a music festival? Fields of people laughing, singing, dancing, having an amazing time, beats loud enough to make the ground shake, warm weather and cute fits. Okay, so maybe music festivals are for a specific kind of person, but whoever you are, you wouldn’t turn your nose up at a little extra comfort, right?

Well, Sziget festival in Hungary is right around the corner and you may be dreading the rough nights out in a tent, so, why not book the Sziget trip with us and go Plus! You’ll get to pre before the festival by exploring some incredible areas of Europe including Germany, Austria, The Czech Republic, and of course the host country, Hungary. But you’ll also get to make friends along the way (the more the merrier), and have cosy hotel accommodation instead of a cold dirt floor. If you’re heading to Sziget, check out our festival guide for some pro tips!

Go wild at each of the stages and party hard, then snuggle up in a plush bed ready for the next day. Bliss! If this version interests you, head to our Sziget trip page, scroll down, and select the Plus variation – you know the drill by now.

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