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Join us on a Contiki Virtual Tour to Brazil & Argentina

Rio Brazil

This week in our Contiki virtual tour series, we’re venturing all the way to beautiful South America – Brazil and Argentina. Home to jaw-dropping waterfalls, miles of stretching rainforest and taste bud tingling food, though they share a border both countries are utterly unique. Here, you can take a 360° adventure to Iguazú Falls before hiking up to Rio De Janeiro’s iconic Christ The Redeemer. Get ready to feast your eyes on this Contiki virtual tour to Brazil and Argentina…

1. Discover Iguazú Falls

Join us on an epic 360° tour of the largest waterfall in the world…

The Trip Manager says:

“It’s hard to comprehend the sheer scale of Iguazú Falls, the largest waterfall in the world. In fact, the falls are so big, that they’re shared by two countries: Argentina and Brazil. It really is one of the most astonishing sights on the planet: endless cascading falls, thundering for 3km, surrounded by the vibrant rainforest of Iguazú National Park. I always recommend my travellers to take a helicopter flight over the falls: you can’t put a price on certain experiences.”

The standout experience:

“The best bit about taking my travellers to this natural wonder is that we get to experience it from both sides! We explore the Brazilian side first, sipping on caipirinhas and having a traditional Brazilian Churrascaria. Then the next day we check out the Argentine side, hiking to the edge of Devil’s Throat, the highest fall of all. Here we can even take a speedboat ride through the spray of the falls.

The Contiki Day Song:

These epic views deserve an epic song with amazing beats, plug into Holdin’ On by creative artist Flume.

Taste the trip at home… with amazing Argentine-style steak!

“Argentina is widely regarded to have the best beef in the world. American beef is grain fed, but Argentine cattle is fed on plentiful grass, creating healthier cows and much, much more delicious steak. Steaks from Argentina aren’t cut the same as the rest of the world. You won’t get a t-bone or rump; instead you’ll get a ‘lomo’ (filet mignon-style cut) or an ‘entrana’ (skirt steak).

“Another thing that makes Argentine meat better than the rest is their method of cooking – using charcoal briquette to sear the steak over open flames. We know that we all don’t have the luxury of this fancy apparatus at home, so here’s a more simple recipe to cook the perfect steak wherever you are in the world…”

Argentina restaurant

Image source:Eduardo Sanchez / Unsplash

The history of the sultry Argentine tango may surprise you

The history of the sultry Argentine tango may surprise you

by Danielle Kirk Feb 07, 2018

What you’ll need:


  1. Remove the fillets from your refrigerator and allow them to sit for 30 minutes.
  2. Preheat your oven to 425°F / 220°C
  3. Season the top and bottom with salt
  4. Heat a pan over medium high heat, add the oil, then add the filets to cook for 4 minutes. Do not move the fillets at all. 
  5. After 4 minutes, flip the fillets, then instantly add the entire pan into your hot oven. 
  6. Cook them in your oven for: 5-6 minutes (rare), 6-7 minutes (medium-rare), 7-8 minutes (medium)
  7. Remove your fillets and let them rest for 5 minutes. Serve immediately (maybe with some Chimichurri sauce!) 
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Iguazú Falls

Image source:Sasha Lantukh / Unsplash

2. Discover Rio de Janeiro

Want to feel the heat of this amazing city? Take an epic 360° tour of the iconic streets and see Christ the Redeemer for yourself…

The Trip Manager says:

“Rio has to be my favourite city in the world. The colours, the food, the cocktails, the people, the beaches. I could talk all day about the ways I love this place. You can party, swim, sunbathe or soak up the views from Sugarloaf.”

The standout experience:

“One of the unmissable experiences in Rio is to head up Corcovado Mountain to visit Christ the Redeemer. You truly feel like you’re up in the heavens, and it’s difficult to know whether to look up at the masterpiece of a statue, or down at the masterpiece of a city.”

The Contiki Day Song:

To match the bustling, colourful vibes of this city, you need to listen to Sirens by Icarus. It’s guaranteed to put you in the party mood.

rio de janeiro

Image source:Contiki

Taste the trip at home… with authentic Caipirinhas!

“Refreshing, zesty and… a tonic for the common cold (apparently!). Super easy to make, this drink is Brazil’s national cocktail for a reason – it’s delicious.”



  1. Slice the lime into 1/2-inch rounds, cube them, and muddle them in an Old-Fashioned-style glass with the sugar.
  2. Add a couple of ice cubes.
  3. Pour in the Cachaça.
  4. Serve with a stirring rod.
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Image source:Davi Costa / Unsplash

Experience both…

Dreaming of the natural delights of Argentina and the party vibes of Brazil? On Contiki’s Argentina & Brazil Highlights you can explore some of the highlights in both amazing countries.  Watch content creator Captain Potter’s Contiki experience here.

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