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As Steven Hawking predicts we have 100 years left, we’re looking to Costa Rica for sustainability done right

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In case you missed the most depressing news since that US election bombshell of 2016, renowned theoretical physicist and all round genius Stephen Hawking predicted last week that at the rate we are going in lacking sustainable living, we have 100 years of survival left on Earth.

Any guesses as to why? You got it – climate change (and AI, but that’s a whole other kettle of fish). And whilst there are some who still swear blind that climate change is a myth, I think for the most part people get it. We need to change, and we need to change fast. Our population is growing at an exponential rate (we’re set to hit 10 billion by 2050), and our policy makers and global decision makers simply can’t keep up.

Or can they?

Well, let’s cast our eyes for a moment to a tiny country in Central America, where sustainability isn’t just a nice to have, it’s a way of life.

Of course, we are talking about Costa Rica, where the facts do the talking:

1 – Costa Rica consistently tops the Happy Planet Index

How are sustainability and happiness linked? Simple – by policies. Unlike pretty much every other country in the world, Costa Rica has built its entire governance model around its ability to face major environmental and health challenges. Costa Rica doesn’t just put good practices in place, it actually uses these practices to grow its economy, meaning more opportunities for its people. Genius, huh?

Costa rica bridge sustainable living

2 – It’s the only tropical nation ever to have reversed deforestation

After decades of aggressive tree clearing for agriculture and livestock production, Costa Rica implemented policies in the 1980s that allowed forests to be re-grown in a major way. Today, over half of the country is covered in forest, as opposed to just 26% in 1983.

3 – 99% of the county’s electricity is produced from renewable sources

The country is powered by a mix of hydro, geothermal (volcanoes), wind, solar and hydro power. Incredibly, Costa Rica harnesses the power of its (very active) volcanoes to produce roughly 10% of the entire countries electricity.


4 – More than 5% of the world’s bio-diversity can be found in the country, despite a landmass that covers just 0.03% of the planet

You ready for the numbers?

5 – 25% of the land is protected

Consider this to, say, America, where just 12% of the land is protected, and it’s pretty impressive. Costa Rica has over 100 protected areas, 801 miles of coastline, and 121 volcanic formations. GET ME THERE NOW.

6 – Costa Rican’s have a life expectancy of 79, one of the highest in the world

The country is one of the world’s few blue zones, where many people live for over 100 years. Sure this has a lot to do with the fact that the healthcare system is pretty stellar, but it also has a HUGE amount to do with the fact that the air is clean, people live a life predominantly outdoors, and people are happy, pure and simple.

7 – There is a 96% literacy rate

Not necessarily to do with sustainability, but just proves how friggin’ awesome this place is, and how committed they are to their future. Even in rural areas where people are poor, classes are taught on air over national radio.

8 – Costa Rica is intending to be completely carbon neutral by 2020

And you know what? They are 100% going to get there.

Want to know how this green idyll of a county uses tourism (aka you guys) to reach its sustainability goals. We sent Seth Maxwell, CEO of the Thirst Project, to Costa Rica, to discover just that. Trust me, this is worth a read.