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Contiki Culture Hubs: South African culture edition

African penguins on Boulders Beach in South Africa

Welcome to Contiki’s culture hub for all things sunny and wild in South African culture! Preparing a presentation to convince all your friends to travel to this glorious part of the world? You’ve come to the right place. This little dip into South African culture will give you all the wanderlust you need. 

From the rich and insanely diverse cultures that run through the country and make each corner unique, to the classic food scene you’ll never get bored here. Travel to the coast for a spot of kayaking (with penguins!) or travel to the bush for your chance to spot some of this planet’s most majestic creatures: lions and elephants. The people are friendly, the animals roam freely; honestly, what’s not to love about South Africa?

Trying to become more knowledgeable before your trip and impress the locals? We’ve got some interesting facts right here, just for you! Language quirks, surprising drinking cultures, and much more, read on here and then get booking to ensure the most perfect trip to South Africa

South Africa, home of…

Knysna Township in South Africa

Image source:Contiki

Smiles and social life

This often surprising factoid about South African culture is just how extremely friendly South Africans are. No matter where you go you’ll be greeted with a smile, whether you’re just buying a coffee, ordering lunch, or entering a building. 

When on a walk, a hike, or a run it’s common to give people a wave and a smile while passing them on the road – and you should 100% expect small talk wherever you go! More than being friendly, South Africans hate awkward silences (it’s these kinds of universal discomforts that bring us all together) so they’ll often strike up conversations in the elevator, during a queue at the supermarket, and while browsing through shops.

If you were worried about making friends while travelling through South Africa, worry no more, the locals will make friends with you!

Foodie Facts

Speaking of being social, food plays a big part in the social lives of South African locals. Particularly Braai. This localised version of BBQ includes lip-smacking icons like boerewors – a thin sausage – and biltong – dried meat which is a fan favourite. Grilled alongside other veg and hearty sides, get together with friends and family for an afternoon of Braai. Traditionally Braai is enjoyed with one or two cans of beer, typically Windheok being the nation’s favourite brew. 

Are you looking for something a little fancier? Try Bobotie, a dish of minced meat, rice, dried fruit, various spices, and topped with a beautiful golden layer of egg. Have you heard of Bunny Chow? Adorable name, and an even cuter dish, Bunny Chow is curry served in a bread bowl to make things extra hearty and cosy! 

sausages cooking on a grill
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10 of the best dishes when it comes to Cape Town food

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Fancy a glass of wine?

It may come as a surprise that South African culture is so big on wine, but where there’s sunsets spent on the coast and warm weather, there must be wine. 

The most famous grape produced in this country is the chenin blanc, which was originally only used to produce brandy and whiskey – until South Africa decided that was ludicrous and it should be used for wine too! 

If you’re travelling the world in 80 bottles of wine you must visit South Africa and explore the world’s longest wine route, making stops in Franschhoek and Stellenbosch, cities which each have over 100 wine farms. Visit for a luscious little wine tasting accompanied by indulgences such as charcuterie boards, chocolates, and cheesecakes! 

Who knew South Africa was so French?

Now now, right now, now

Huh? Allow us to clear it up. 

According to our Trip Manager Melissa, South Africans love the phrase ‘now’, but it has many uses and can sometimes be a little confusing. But, depending on the usage, you may be able to tell how enthusiastic someone’s being! So all this confusion has its perks.

Take this scenario. You ask your South African friend if they can help you buy your parents a birthday present (because does anyone know what to get them?) If your friend replies: “sure, I’ll help you now,” that means that they will help you soon, in a couple of minutes. If their reply is something like “sure, I’ll help you now now,” you may think that means they’ll help you even sooner! Woohoo! But no, ‘now now’ actually means that you won’t be getting help until much later in the day. If their answer is “sure, I’ll help right now,” you should expect your friend to immediately aid you in your quest – they will literally do it in the now that is right now.

See? Not at all confusing once properly explained!

15 best places to visit in South Africa

15 best places to visit in South Africa

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Strong like a lion, swift like a Springbok

National sports are not to be trifled with in many countries, and in South African culture it’s rugby that holds the highest status and honour. The sport was brought over by the Brits in the 19th century, and was introduced by soldiers, settlers, and missionaries to the people of local rural cities and townships. In the 20th century rugby became so popular in South Africa that it was made the country’s national sport. 

The national men’s team are called the Springboks, named after a particularly elegant and slender type of gazelle, which has a pale golden coat. The golden colour found its way on the official team kit, along with a deep green, and white shorts. As a result, the players of the Springboks are often referred to as ‘the boys in the green and gold’ – quite a fitting name for how much money and glory they’re bathing in! South Africa’s rugby team is not one to be underestimated at all: they’ve won 3 world cups which is the same amount as the famous New Zealand All Blacks, and they frequently place in the top 3 during such tournaments.

Rugby is watched all over the country in many households, and on important match days you won’t be surprised to see many people walking around sporting their Springbok jerseys. 

Additionally, the 2010 Football Men’s World Cup was hosted in South Africa – the first and only world cup to be held in Africa – and it was HUGE! Sadly, the South African team didn’t win, but we did get Shakira’s hit song Waka Waka out of it so all’s well that ends well.

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Travel Phrases

If you want to make the most of your time in South Africa and really assimilate with all the different cultures, then you’ll need to pick up some nifty slang. This way, they’ll know you belong!

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