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7 global charities that deserve your attention this International Women’s Day

Ock Pop Tok, Laos

Across the globe, millions of women seek help from charities for a whole host of different reasons. These charities provide an invaluable service: from advising and supporting to educating women in need. And with International Women’s Day this month, what better way to celebrate than by making a difference and giving your time or money to these INCREDIBLE female-focused charities worldwide. 

The voices of women in unison are being heard around the world and it’s no surprise that they’re having a positive impact. Through policies, declarations and some pretty spectacular charities, women’s rights are seeing a global turning point. So, we’ve picked just a handful of these charities that have been at the heart of positively impacting the rights of women…

7. Latin America Women’s Aid

LAWA is an organisation that helps to create a peaceful world where women and children are free from violence and oppression. They do this by working closely with at-risk Latin American, Black and Minority Ethnic women and offering their services to help them. From counselling to an array of educational programs, advice and support, they also – most importantly – offer refuge homes for those in urgent need. 

Here’s how you can help now and positively shape the future of these women. 


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6. Iraq Al Amir Women’s Cooperative

Amman in Jordan, is home to the Iraq Al Amir Women’s Cooperative which is a project aiming to transcend social boundaries and help the local women of this region to become financially independent by teaching them craft skills such as bread making and pottery spinning – goods which they can then sell to the community and tourists at the cooperative. 

Travel on Contiki’s Israel and Jordan Uncovered trip and you’ll be lucky enough to visit these inspiring women. Hear their stories of resilience and hope, while you spend time baking traditional bread or hand painting the pottery you’ve just spun – an impactful experience guaranteed.  

You can learn more here.

5. Share The Dignity

Share The Dignity is an Australian female-focused charity that holds the belief – just like us – that all women matter and deserve the dignity and justice that some take for granted. This incredible charity distributes sanitary products and helps with funding for funerals, with their main focus being women who are experiencing homelessness and at-risk and domestic violence victims. 

You can help make a difference here.


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4. The Girls Network

The Girls Network is a remarkable female-focused charity scheme with a belief that no girl should be held back because of socio-economic factors – and more importantly not be limited by their gender. So, with an aim to empower, inspire and encourage girls across the UK, The Girls Network pair disadvantaged girls with an adult female mentor who guide them to achieve their full potential and discover their self-worth. 

Here’s how you can have an impact.


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3. Ock Pop Tok

Ock Pop Tok, an artisan social enterprise in Laos, supports and encourages the local Lao women to utilise their skills in the textile industry – a traditional skill that has been passed down for generations. 

Want to help? Ock Pop Tok is part of a Contiki Cares experience and you can visit this community and uncover the stories behind this remarkable enterprise on the Asian Adventure , Cambodia and Laos Uncovered and Big Indochina trips.


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2. WomanKind

WomanKind’s overarching goal is for there to be ‘a world where the rights of all women are respected, valued and realised’They work tirelessly both regionally and globally to ensure that local women’s voices are heard and that the rights they deserve are implemented. So far, their invaluable work has transformed the lives of over 30 million women worldwide!

Here’s how you can be part of their story.


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1. Care International

Care International work around the globe with an aim to save lives, achieve social justice and defeat poverty – an issue that they believe cannot be overcome until every person in the world has equal rights. This is why women and children are at the forefront of their work. 

Their exceptional work is showcased through their annual #March4Women – a global movement fighting for a more equal world – taking place on International Women’s Day (8 March). This year, the march will be celebrating the passion of the women and girls behind the fight on the unprecedented global climate emergency. 

Here’s how you can help.


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