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Here’s what a house party in a French Château looks like…

Contiki French Chateau Pool Party

Hotels? SO 2019 dahhling. After spending nearly 2 years locked in my bedroom, I want to stay somewhere a bit out of the ordinary. Somewhere with the wow-factor. Somewhere where I can feel like royalty.

Well, thanks to Contiki, that’s exactly what I experienced this summer. Because I recently attended a HUGE house party thrown at their exclusive 16th Century Château. Here’s what went down at the Château Big Weekender – and how you can stay there yourself.

All the splashing

Set within the rolling vineyards of the Beaujolais wine region, this 16th Century Château has been wowing Contiki travellers for decades. It’s the perfect backdrop to long summer days lounging by the pool, capped off with French feasts, local wine and dancing the night away in ‘La Cave.’ But for me, the highlight of the Big Weekender had to be the pool party. DJs. Competitions. Freebies. Inflatable flamingoes. All the French fizz we could drink. What more could we ask for?

Chateau Weekender lodging-min

Feeling inspired?

A day in the life – what’s it like to stay at the Contiki Château?

A day in the life – what’s it like to stay at the Contiki Château?

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All the stretching

Nothing clears out the cobwebs after pool partying like a spot of morning yoga. (With this scenery). We defs felt a bit fresher after our sesh.

yoga at the Contiki chateau

All the feasting

An al fresco feast is just par for the course here, plus a few barrels of the wine Beaujolais is famous for. Bliss.

Contiki Chateau cheese and wine

Overheard at the Château

Over the course of the weekend I heard some hilarious stories and quotes from Contiki travellers after a few glasses of bubbly. Here are a few of my personal faves…

La Cave chateau

“Contiki should be like national service. It should be compulsory for everyone to do one.”

Wholeheartedly agree. Starting a petition rn. In the meantime, here’s where Contiki go.

travellers cheers in Contiki chateau games room

“I’m so excited to be horizontal on a lilo”

Nothing better than lying low on a lilo. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. And let the last few years just float away…

Contiki chateau pool party

“Why does it say RIP Liz on that paving slab?” “It’s for a lizard that died”

We miss you Liz. You were the best of us. ?

girls getting ready at Contiki chateau

“It’s exactly a year today that my boyf broke up with me, now i’m partying in a Chateau, jokes on him”

Success is always the best revenge.

Contiki travellers in vineyards

“My forearms are so sore from popping all these bottles of wine”

It was a hard life.

Wine tasting at Contiki chateau

“Contiki trips are addictive, this is my 10th, i’m collecting them”

Gotta catch them all!

eating food at the contiki chateau

“Reckon I could pretend I live here?”

The people on your Insta would probably never clock on. Alternatively, you could apply to be Contiki ground staff and live out your fantasy 24/7.

Staff at the Contiki chateau

So, which Contiki trips visit the Château?

Contiki currently has 19(!) trips that go there. Remember: this place is exclusively for Contiki travellers; so all you need to do is pick your dream itinerary and pack that towel.

Who are Contiki?

Contiki are the masters of social travel for 18-35s (they’ve been doing it since 1962!). They’re all about young people experiencing the world together, and making fast friendships along the way. The best bit? You don’t have to worry about booking hotels, or transport (or which sights and sounds to see) as they handle that for you. All you need to focus on is having the time of your life with a group of new friends from around the world.

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