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All roads should lead to our Great Ocean Road Trip

The Great Ocean Road

Want to ditch the Australian tourist trail and go all in for the remarkable sea views of Apollo Bay, the seismic sand dunes of Kangaroo Island and the beautiful cityscapes of Adelaide? Meeting dogs and dolphins, travelling by helicopter and sandboard? All with 18-35s who’ve dreamt of this for as long as you have (and maybe even longer?).

Introducing the Great Ocean Road trip, a brand new Contiki trip that celebrates South Australia and the Great Ocean Road in all their sea-sprayed glory. This is the very best of South Oz in 8 seriously chilled-out days.  

The itinerary

You’ll meet your Contiki crew in Melbourne and then set off for a tantalising trio of South-Aussie beaches: Geelong, Torquay and Bells Beach. Next up, it’s off to Apollo Bay, then the Twelve Apostles, followed by Warrnambool to observe the Middle Island Penguin Project. You’ll go from seabirds to sinkholes with a trip to the Umpherston Sinkhole via Mount Gambier for spellbinding views. And to think, this is only Day 3! 

You’ll stop off for the night in Naracoorte and then head off to Adelaide in the morning. This is where things get seriously chilled. 2 nights in Adelaide, followed by 2 nights on Kangaroo Island. After that, you’ll be dropped off back in Adelaide to catch your flight home… or continue the adventure. It’s your call.

Great ocean road, victoria.

Take your sweet sweet time on the road

Most people travel the Great Ocean Road in a few hours. Not on this trip. Believe me, there are plenty of beauty spots here, and you’ll spend 2 days seeing ’em all.

You’ll visit 3 of the most iconic Aussie surfing beaches. You’ll explore Apollo Bay, which has a coastline more ruggedly handsome than Jason Momoa. You’ll visit the towering limestone stacks known as the Twelve Apostles – which climb up to 45 metres high, straight out of the sea. You’ll also get to check out the Great Ocean Road from the great open air on a helicopter tour. 

Back down to Earth but just as dreamy, your next stop will be the Middle Island Penguin Project – a MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® experience where you meet two adorable sheepdogs who spend their days guarding penguins from nearby foxes.

great ocean road
Great Ocean Road: A Day Tripper’s Guide

Great Ocean Road: A Day Tripper’s Guide

by kahlea allison Jun 20, 2022

Spend 2 days on Kangaroo island

Kangaroo Island is popular for all the right reasons, but it made the news recently after the devastation of the Australian bush fires. Now, you have a unique opportunity to witness the resilience of mother nature and contribute to wildlife regeneration efforts yourself. Yup. The flora, fauna and wildlife are growing back faster than you’d think was even possible – if you didn’t see it with your own eyes, that is. 

As beautiful as Kangaroo Island is, some tourists avoid it because it’s not the easiest place to travel from A to B once you’re there. Luckily for you, you’ll have 2 nights on this remote paradise with a Contiki team to escort you between the wildlife conservation centres, the sandboarding spots and the wineries. It literally couldn’t be easier. 

Kangaroo on Kangaroo Island

Laid back in Adelaide

In Adelaide, you’ll get to swim with dolphins, spend an afternoon sampling the wine that this region is famous for, and even admire the skyline from the roof of the Adelaide Oval. 

This beautiful city is a hub of all things cuisine, culture and cricket. And you’ll get 2 days here to appreciate the finer things in life. From the art galleries to the historical buildings, from the eateries to the stylish cocktail bars.


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