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Hack your annual leave and turn 20 days of leave into 45 days of holidays


Are you a young Australian who wants, no, NEEDS a holiday? Well you are not alone and we want to make sure you get all the time off you deserve this year. That’s why we’re back with our annual leave holiday hack for 2019 and trust us when we say you’ll want to have your diary at the ready. This year your travels are going to give you a true workout because we’re about to tell you how you can turn your 20 days of annual leave into a whopping 45 days off! Keen? We thought so.

2019 annual leave hacker


Image source:Contiki

Here’s the low down: The blue circled dates are the ones you need to take leave (so tell your boss ASAP). The purple circled dates are the public holidays (based off National or majority averages for us Australians) and the yellow circled dates are the weekends that you use to travel for EVEN longer.

As you can see, April is the prime time for leave, and you can get a 16 day holiday by taking just seven days leave—now, you and every other clever person at your work will be no doubt thinking the same thing, so as we said, lock this leave in with your boss right now (if not sooner).

You can get a lot done in 16 days. For example, you could do the Great Britain and Ireland trip, a European Encounter, the Kiwiana Panorama, or even go for the Asian Adventure.

And if the calendar above is all a bit much and you’re more of a words person, we have broken it all down for you:

Need some inspo on where to go with all your time off? Head to Contiki to find your perfect trip.

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