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5 Contiki food experiences you can’t leave Latin America without doing


Oh Latin America, you do play flamenco with our heartstrings. When it comes to culture, weather, wildlife and natural beauty, this region brings the heat. And the food? In this part of the world you’re guaranteed spicy delights and bang for your buck everywhere you look.

The Contiki Trip Managers know all about the best foodie experiences around – that’s why they’ve got the gig. They take our travellers to some of the best Latin American locations and always know the best grub to order.

Here’s our pick of the bunch…

Sample some sizzling tacos in Mexico City, Mexico

If you’re in Mexico, street food is the way to go. Fresh, authentic and cheap, you can find some seriously flavoursome tacos for less than a US dollar. Our favourite? A tacos al pastor, which uses marinated pork, swathed in chilli sauce on a spit and jazzed up with some onion and coriander. It’s a fiery fiesta for the taste buds.

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Craft your own empanadas in Buenos Aires, Argentina

A trip to Buenos Aires isn’t complete without sampling some delicious empanadas. The flour-based dough is filled with ground meat, spinach and humita (sweet corn with white sauce) for a rich and delicious bite. Why not try your hand at crafting your own mini masterpieces? It’s a delicate art form, but nothing’s more rewarding than tasting your own handiwork. Best washed down with a glass of Malbec, of course.


Image source:Contiki

Try some cheesy hot chocolate in Quito, Ecuador

You love cheese. You love chocolate. What could go wrong? This Ecuadorian delight uses mozzarella to create a hot chocolate that’s gooey, stretchy and rich. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never want to go back.


Image source:Contiki

Sample some ceviche in Lima, Peru

Ceviche is a Peruvian national dish – a zesty seafood meal composed of fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices, before being spiced with chilli, salt and cilantro. Ceviche is said to have been eaten in Peru nearly 2,000 years ago, so where better to enjoy it than in the richly historic city of Lima?


Image source:Contiki

Eat lots (and lots) of churros

Native to Spain, Portugal and Latin America, churros are similar to a deep-fried cinnamon doughnut but even better. Generally, you’ll find these on a breakfast menu or sold on the side of a road by street vendors. We recommend you opt for traditional churros with cinnamon sugar and pour melted chocolate all over it (it’s what the locals do, we promise).


Image source:Contiki

Take on a traditional Gallo Pinto breakfast buffet in Costa Rica

This classic Costa Rican dish features a delicious contrast of rice and beans, which are usually served alongside fried or scrambled eggs, sour cream and fried cheese. This hearty breakfast will be a feature of your Contiki Costa Rican mornings – have it with a strong cup of Costa Rican coffee for the perfect way to get energised for the day ahead.

Can’t choose between these tantalising experiences? Why not see it all on our Latin Quest?

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