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Here’s why LX Factory is Lisbon’s coolest neighbourhood

LX Factory Lisbon

With a melting pot of global restaurants, a thriving creative scene and jaw-dropping pastel-coloured vistas, Lisbon is officially one of Europe’s most fascinating cities to visit in 2020. We took an epic trip there with Chef Priyanka and TasteMade. And to save you some research time, let us point you in the direction of one of our favourite spots – the uber cool LX Factory in the Alcântara neighbourhood. 

Picture this. A patchwork of crumbling architecture, disused palaces and uninhabited buildings now transformed by the city’s young creatives into a hub of independent stores, art spaces and modern restaurants. This former industrial area was home to Lisbon’s booming fabric-making industry. 

Now, the area is Lisbon’s coolest neighbourhood – from co-working spots to yoga and tattoo studios. If you’re looking for somewhere with tons of atmosphere and chilled-out vibes, this is THE place. Here, Chef Priyanka shares her must-visit restaurants and shops…

1. Rio Maravilha

Pop up to the rooftop at Rio Maravilha sunset for cocktails and endless views of the river Tagus and the 25th April Bridge. My choice is a classic G&T or a zesty Aperol Spritz. 


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2. Rutz Corkwear

Don’t leave the neighborhood without exploring the hip shopping. My fave was Rutz Corkwear. Everything in this shop is made from – you’ve guessed it – cork, which is vegan, sustainable and super cute! I bought an item for every member of my family. 

3. More Than Wine

As the name suggests, More Than Wine has an amazing variety of local wines (and artisanal beer if that’s your thing). But the real highlights are the foodie accompaniments. Here, you can choose between six salty and delicious tinned fish, from sardines to codfish, and eat them alongside a plate of juicy nectarines, drizzled with honey and cinnamon. It’s the perfect sweet and savoury combo.


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4. 1300 Taberna

There are plenty of delish eats here and it has an amazing wood-fired oven, in which most of the dishes are cooked. They even have a vegan steak!

5. Livraria Ler Devagar

Love books? You HAVE to see this slice of literary heaven. With floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, this bookstore and cultural space used to be where they printed local newspapers (you can still see the old printer on the second floor). ‘Livraria Ler Devagar’ also means ‘to read slowly’, so it’s practically law that you stay and browse for a while…


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6. Wish Slow Coffee

When it comes to good coffee, Lisbon’s rep is on the rise. The traditional way to drink it here is a pitch-black, bitter espresso. However, if you’re more into flatties and nice brews, this Nordic-inspired coffee shop is the one. At Wish Slow Coffee, you can choose between a pot of French press coffee or Chemex (you know those cool-looking glass jars that seem to be everywhere right now!). Stop here for lunch and try some of their tapas too!

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