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Where to see the most secluded lighthouses in the world

Big Sur, California, Lighthouse

Personally, I’ve always thought lighthouses were really cool, and if all goes well in my 5 year plan, I’ll own one soon! Lighthouses have been around forever and ever and ever and many of these pillars of guidance are lonely.

Whether this is because they exist in quieter areas of the world or they’ve been abandoned to time, here’s a list of some of the most secluded lighthouses across the globe – and while they’re all super cool in their own way (no lighthouse discrimination here), some of them will just blow you out of the water.

1. Strombolicchio Lighthouse, Italy

Perched upon a jagged rock in the Aeolian Islands is Strombolicchio Lighthouse, which is still active today. The lighthouse is located 1 nautical mile away from land, was built in 1925, and emits light in a series of three successive flashes visible from 11 nautical miles away. Strombolicchio can be seen from the shore and it stands as a solitary mass in the expansive ocean. Very tranquil, if you ask me, and a fitting start to the list of most secluded lighthouses.

2. Point Sur Lighthouse, California

In the sea-flanked hills of California sits Big Sur, an iconic location for road-trippers (and Brits abroad who miss Cornwall too). And at the very tip of Point Sur is a charming lighthouse. With a red-capped roof and limestone walls, it has a warm and inviting exterior, which is just as well as Point Sur Lighthouse is open to the public. Though it is apparently haunted… Pros and cons, hey?

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3. Klein Curaçao, Curaçao

Klein Curaçao Lighthouse is a unique entry on this list as it is absolutely and truly a secluded lighthouse. In fact, it’s the only remaining structure on this formerly busy Caribbean island. The lighthouse is still in use, however, and surrounding island towns offer boat tours to Klein Curaçao, so it still gets visitors. With pink-washed walls and a white tower, this lighthouse has a symmetrical look and would fit right into a Wes Anderson movie!

4. Cape Aniva Lighthouse, Russia

Often called ‘the lighthouse on the edge of the world’, Aniva Lighthouse sits on the southernmost point of the island of Sakhalin, off the eastern coast of Russia. Interestingly, although the lighthouse is on Russian soil, it was actually built by the Japanese in 1936, and was in use for 70 years. However, Cape Aniva Lighthouse is no longer in use and is abandoned. Despite its declining state, it still carves an impressive silhouette from far away.

5. Thridrangar Lighthouse, Iceland

The most incredible part about Thridrangar Lighthouse is that, since its creation, this secluded lighthouse has been uninhabited and free from human intervention, which has made it an amazing space to observe nature and its happenings. It sits alone on the highest rock of a formation of three off the coast of Iceland, and spends its days guiding ships and aiding biologist’s research. Thridrangar Lighthouse is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is something of a cultural icon.

Thridrangar Lighthouse, Iceland

Image source:Árni Saeberg

6. Whiteford Point Lighthouse, Wales

Standing tall in the south of Wales is Whiteford Point Lighthouse, an interesting structure made entirely of cast-iron. It was built to replace an old lighthouse, which there is no longer any trace of, and is uninhabited on account of it being the only lighthouse on this list built directly in water! Whiteford Point Lighthouse is deemed a scheduled ancient monument of Britain, protecting it against any changes, and making it one of the most important secluded lighthouses on this list.

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7. Tourlitis Lighthouse, Greece

The Tourlitis Lighthouse in Greece is a whimsical structure as it lives on a tiny rock spire in the Greek archipelago. There are winding steps leading up to it, made from the rock itself, and the lighthouse itself resembles classic depictions with a stout white brick exterior. Since the lantern is automated there is no need for a lighthouse keeper, but it gets plenty of human attention from the tourists who travel to see it.

8. Flannan Islands Lighthouse, Scotland

The north of Scotland is quite a secluded area itself (though one of awesome natural beauty) and completing it is the Flannan Isles Lighthouse. Positioned high up on a hill, it overlooks the north sea and withstands the mighty colds and winds. Though it looks quite innocent and idyllic on the outside, Flannan Isles Lighthouse is most famous for the disappearance of it’s keepers in 1900…

9. Tévennec Lighthouse, France

More popularly known as the ‘cursed lighthouse of Tévennec’, this lighthouse – located way out on a singular rock off the coast of Brittany – is known in the region for being haunted and is also referred to as being ‘hell’. This is due to the choppy and dangerous waters around it and the austere conditions the lighthouse keepers must live in as a consequence.

Tévennec made headlines back in 2016 when it was found out that it would be receiving its first resident since 1910, and now I can’t help but wonder if this is where Robert Eggers got his inspiration for the 2019 film The Lighthouse.

Tévennec Lighthouse, France

Image source:Alamy

10. Bishop Rock Lighthouse, UK

Last but not least on this list of most secluded lighthouses is Bishop Rock Lighthouse, located 45 kms off the tip of Cornwall in the Atlantic Ocean. Back in the 13th century, the Isles of Scilly were reportedly used as a ‘dumping ground’ for felons who were left on these rocks with nothing but a loaf of bread and a pitcher of water… Now, Bishop Rock is known for happier things: the Guinness Book of World Records lists it as the world’s smallest island with a building on it (though Tourlitis Lighthouse begs to differ).

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