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All the Stranger Things filming locations you need to visit

Stranger Things filming locations

Since hitting our screens in 2016, Stranger Things has become a TV series phenomenon. It seemed completely new and comfortingly familiar, a shrewd combination of a nostalgic, Spielsbergian adventure and a modern-noir thriller. Complete with boundary-pushing visual effects, of course. The series takes place in the entirely fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana: so where was Stranger Things actually filmed? And can you visit there yourself? Here’s our guide to the best Stranger Things filming locations…

WARNING! This article features spoilers for Stranger Things Seasons 1-3


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1. The Sattler Quarry

The Sattler Quarry is one of the more prominent Stranger Things Season 1 filming locations. It’s the place where Jim Hopper finds the supposed body of Will after a long state search. Of course, we later find out that the body is a fake, planted by the shady agents of the Hawkins National Laboratory. Later, the quarry is the setting for a face-off between Mike, Dustin, Troy and James, in which Troy threatens to cut out Dustin’s teeth unless Mike jumps into the water below. Mike makes the jump, but Eleven is there with her powers to save the day. 

In the real world, the Sattler Quarry is the former Bellwood Quarry of Atlanta, which was mined for more than a century. Today, you can visit the quarry yourself, as it’s no longer in use, though there are plans to turn it into a huge reservoir park.

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2. Starcourt Mall

One of the most important filming locations in Stranger Things Series 3, Starcourt Mall is the setting for Scoops Ahoy, where Steve and Robin work. We later learn that the mall is a front for a secret Russian Base, and the whole place eventually burns to the ground during an epic battle with the Mind Flayer. 

Clearly, it was important to get this filming location right. And the creators struck gold when they found the Gwinnett Place Mall in Duluth, suburban Atlanta. It’s got the perfect, slightly faded retro stylings for the show – as though barely anyone has visited since the 80s. The best part? You can visit it yourself.

3. Hawkins National Laboratory

This sinister building is home to many of the experiments that are undertaken by the CIA & NSA in season 1. Host to all sorts of horrors, such as the infamous MK ULTRA experiments of the 60’s the lab eventually becomes the gate to the infamous Upside Down.

In our world, the Hawkings Laboratory isn’t a laboratory at all. The brutalist architecture is taken from Emory University Briarcliff campus in Atlanta, which you can visit yourself! (Interior shots were completed at EUE studios, also in Atlanta).

4. The Wheeler House

Home to some of the most important scenes in every season, the Wheeler House is one of the most iconic Stranger Things filming locations. It’s where the boys play Dungeons and Dragons in the show’s unforgettable opening, and it’s where Mike desperately tries to contact Eleven using his Supercom. 

In our universe, the Wheeler house can be found on Piney Wood Lane, East Point Georgia. Stranger Things megafan? The house can be yours for just shy of $200,000.

5. Hawkins Community Swimming Pool

It’s where Billy Hargrove and Heather Holloway work as local lifeguards, and also where some serious chemistry between Billy and Karen Wheeler plays out. It’s also the place where El uses her powers to throw Billy through a brick wall – so a bit of a mixed bag for Billy… In reality, this super retro pool is South Bend Pool on Lakewood Avenue in Atlanta and was filmed very close to the Stranger Things studios.


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6. Palace Arcade

Season 2 kicks off in the Palace Arcade, home to the Dragon’s Lair arcade game that Dustin obsesses over. The show’s creators, the Duffer Brothers, said: “we love board games, but in truth have spent much more time playing video games, so we wanted to weave them into the fabric of the show.”

The filming location for the Palace Arcade isn’t an arcade at all, but an old laundromat that was converted especially for the show. You can find it on Church Street in Douglasville, Georgia. You may not be able to play Dragon’s Lair, but the retro stripes are still painted on the side – perfect for a photo opp.

7. Downtown Hawkins

The centre of Hawkins is the location for plenty of drama throughout all three seasons of Stranger Things. The creators opted to use the Town Square of Mulberry Street, Jackson, Georgia for their purposes, which is distinctive and instantly recognisable if you visit today.

8. Bradley’s Big Buy

One of the most charming scenes in Season 1 involves Eleven shoplifting frozen Eggos from Bradley’s Big Buy. This is our first true glimpse of El’s powers and cheeky personality, as she leaves carnage in her wake. The best part about this scene? You can find a fully operational Bradley’s – called the Piggly Wiggly store in our universe – in Palmetto, Georgia. Apparently, the staff are pretty accommodating to visiting fans of the show… just make sure you pay for your eggos.

9. The Upside Down

Getting to the Upside Down is easy. All you need is a small, psychic child, and dash of inter-dimensional contact. Pop through the rift at the underground subsystem of CIA lab, and after a quick chat with a Demogorgon at customs you should have a short journey into the Upside Down. We recommend packing lunch – and bringing a map.


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