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The best things to eat, see and do – a first timers guide to Slovenia


If we had to describe Slovenia’s vibe, we’d say it has the quirkiness of Budapest, and the romance of a small German Village. There’s an undiscovered charm about Slovenia, people truthfully don’t seem to know too much about it. That’s why we’ve got you covered for the best things to eat, see and do while travelling in Slovenia.

Slovenia basics

The currency in Slovenia is the Euro.

The official and national language of Slovenia is Slovene (in English it’s known was Slovenian), but in some areas, Hungarian and Italian are widely spoken so as with all Eastern European countries, you can expect to hear a few different languages on the streets.

The capital is Ljubljana, which looks tricky to pronounce but isn’t really. Just say “Loob-li-arna”. Generally, the language is a bit tricky to those not familiar with Slavic languages, but it’s super fun to try anyway and always a good idea to learn the basics before travelling, even if just to be polite. Here are a couple of basic terms.

Hello = zdravo (“stravo”)

Goodbye = zbogom (“sbo-gom”)

Please = prosim (“pro-sim” – roll the r)

Thank you = Hvala vam (“ka-vala vam”)

Best things to eat in Slovenia

They like to eat well in Slovenia. Inns (AKA pub-style restaurants) are open all day and on Sundays, they truly feast with big four- or five-course meals. Potatoes, meats and desserts are big business which is fantastic news for anyone with a big appetite (all of us). If you want to eat like a local in Slovenia, there are a few dishes you simply must try:


Image source:WikiMedia Commons

Best things to see in Slovenia

Slovenia is an untapped gem and you might be surprised to realise there are some famous sights on your bucket list that you never even knew were in Slovenia! Here are the best things to check out:


Image source:Pixabay

Best things to do in Slovenia

There’s something for everyone in Slovenia. Whether you’re a nature lover, an architecture buff, a photographer or foodie, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to keeping yourself busy. Here are our personal favourites:


Image source:Pixabay

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