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Can You Make It Through This List Without Booking A Trip To Eastern Europe?

An aerial view of the city of salzburg during a trip to Eastern Europe.

We’ll be the first to sing France’s praises, and we certainly won’t pretend we’re not obsessed with Spanish tapas, BUT Eastern Europe is the unsung hero that you should be booking a trip to ASAP. Let us convince you…

Just Look At This Cute Town Square In Krakow

Look at the colours! Look at the horses! Gosh, you can already see yourself having a coffee in the sun here can’t you?

A white horse pulling a carriage on a trip to Eastern Europe.

Wait Until You See Sedlec Ossuary In Kutna Hora

Town squares too pretty for your liking? Well how about this creepy church made of bones! This is too unique NOT to see…

The interior of an Eastern European church adorned with hanging skeletons.

What If You Could Watch The Sunset Through The Spires Of A Gothic Cathedral?

The stunning architecture of Church of Our Lady Before Týn is enough to make you want to fly to Prague tomorrow… right?

Partly cloudy sky.

This Is Just One Castle In Slovakia

We’ll have you know they have countless more and they’re all straight out of your fairytale dreams.

A castle on top of a hill by a river, perfect for a trip to Eastern Europe.

Of Course You Can’t Go Past Lake Bled

Nature more your style? This iconic lake in Slovenia is ‘grammable in all seasons.

Lake Bled visit during Eastern Europe trip.

The Canals Of Ljubljana Give Amsterdam A Run For It’s Money

The Netherlands are cool, but have you heard of the capital of Slovenia?

A bridge over a canal in Eastern Europe.

Get Ready To See The Beautiful Fisherman’s Bastion In Hungary

Still not convinced? You literally cannot beat the sights of Budapest. And did we mention the nightlife there is all about raving in old ruin bars?

Budapest trip to Eastern Europe.

Budva Is Montenegro’s Must See

If you haven’t booked a trip by now, I guess you won’t be interested in swimming in the Adriatic Sea then…?

An incredible trip to Eastern Europe, exploring the enchanting city of Kotor in Montenegro.

How Could You Say No To Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Ok this is out last attempt! Surely you’re keen to get a snap of the Mostar Bridge?!

An old bridge over a river in Bosnia and Herzegovina, offering an iconic experience during a trip to Eastern Europe.

So are you convinced Eastern Europe belongs on your travel list? Vote below and let us know!