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8 best travel TV shows that will give you serious wanderlust

A man is sitting on a ledge near the water, enjoying the view.

Hooked on Big Little Lies? Excited for the last season of Schitt’s Creek? It seems our what-to-watch-next list is becoming as long as our where-to-go-next list. But with so many of our favorite shows set in the coolest locations, it’s time we started combining the two. What better way to do that then to compile a list of the absolute best travel TV shows out there?

We’ve done the research and found the top travel TV series to spark some major wanderlust and help you decide where in the world to visit next. *Cue the Netflix “Are you still watching?” pop-up and let daydreams of planning your next trip begin*

1. Big Little Lies

Make a trip to: Monterey, California

Not only is this show packed with A-listers, it’s also set in the picture-perfect California coastal town of Monterey. From the start, the opening credits flaunt amazing scenic views of Bixby Creek Bridge. This series triggers serious California dreamin’ and is one you don’t want to miss.

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Image source:Chris Leipelt / Unsplash

2. Game of Thrones

Make a trip to: Northern Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Scotland, Malta, or Croatia

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen GoT, no shame. But seriously, this isn’t the most-tweeted-about show for no reason. The tv series has filmed everywhere from Iceland to Croatia to bring the regions of Westeros and Essos to life. After finishing this award-winning series, you’ll want to see Winterfell in Northern Ireland and King’s Landing aka Dubrovnik… so you might be traveling for a while to fulfill all your GoT wanderlust but that’s ok!

Best travel TV shows feature a view of the old town of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Image source:David Edkins / Unsplash

3. Street Food

Make a trip to: Asia

If food is the way to your heart, this new foodie Netflix docuseries is for you. From Bangkok to Seoul to Delhi this series revolves around street food vendors, their dishes, culture, and experiences. Each of the episodes in the first season, explore the street food scenes and cultures of different Asian cities. This show will leave you hungry for your next vacation, which is why it had to make our list of the best travel TV shows of all times!

A person is holding a tray of food in front of a busy street, showcasing the best local cuisine.

Image source:Agathe Marty / Unsplash

4. The Crown

Make a trip to: England

Ever dreamed of exploring England like a royal? Then Netflix’s biographical series on Queen Elizabeth II, The Crown will not disappoint. The drama. The costumes. Those sets. The lavish backdrops and real-life palaces of England royalty make a trip to Britain just what we need.

People sightseeing in front of Buckingham Palace.

Image source:Debbie Fan / Unsplash

5. The Kettering Incident

Make a trip to: Tasmania, Australia

We had to add a thriller to the list. Step into the mystery of The Kettering Incident and see the eery beauty of south-eastern Tasmania, an island off the south coast of Australia. If you are into suspense, transport yourself to Kettering.

A scenic beach with stunning rocks and majestic mountains in the background.

Image source:Geoff Brooks / Unsplash

6. The Time In Between (El Tiempo Entre Costuras)

Make a trip to: Spain, Morocco, Portugal

Three words: romance, spy, drama. The Time in Between (Spanish title El Tiempo Entre Costuras) broke records in Spain and is now an international streaming hit on Netflix. Often referred to as the Spanish Downton Abbey, this awesome travel TV show will give you dreams about Spain, Morocco, and Portugal.

A village in the desert with palm trees in the background, perfect for travel TV shows.

Image source:Sergey Pesterev / Unsplash

7. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Make a trip to: Marseille or Jerusalem

Mainly categorized as a travel and food show, this tv series is all about people. It follows the late Anthony Bourdain around the globe as he explores rich cultures and authentic cuisines. This one is for the foodies but also those who love a true local experience. Brace yourself because every episode is beautifully captured with inspiring stories bound to ignite some serious wanderlust, which is why we just had to include it on our list of top travel TV shows to check out right now.

Keywords: dome, Jerusalem

Modified description: The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

Image source:Stacey Franco / Unsplash

8. Schitt’s Creek

Make a trip to: Goodwood, Ontario

This hit comedy series is set to air its final season in 2020. Filmed out of Goodwood, Ontario – a small town just north of Toronto – this series has brought travelers from all over the world to the picturesque community, also known as Schitt’s Creek. The small-town charm grows on the series’ Rose family, and maybe you’ll find it just as appealing.


The city of Toronto is seen from the water at sunset in one of the best travel TV shows.

Image source:Berkay Gumustekin / Unsplash

What are you waiting for? Time to turn off the TV and go see it for yourself IRL.

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