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The cutest travel traditions you can start this year!

Contiki travellers

Why do we travel? To experience different cultures? Meet new people? Learn a language? Wrong! It’s to make memories of course. And what better way to do that than to start a travel tradition that’ll make your memories last even longer.

Creating a travel tradition for yourself is like a cute little ritual that you can look forward to every time you book a new trip. It’s also something that you can build over the years and share with friends, partners, families, and even pass down to others one day. So, here’s a list of some of our favourite travel traditions that you can start this year.

1. Buying a magnet from every destination

A classic, and you can’t beat a classic – collecting magnets is just the best because there are always so many to choose from, they’re available in most places, and they’re relatively cheap! Plus, if you do it enough, you’ll end up with an adorable looking fridge mapping your travels from the past few years. Magnets also make great gifts and conversation pieces when you have guests over. 

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2. Collecting postcards

Collecting things is just so sweet – we’re all about the maximalist lifestyle – and a beautiful thing to collect from your travels is postcards! Pick up a handful of the best and most beautiful ones from each location and send them to friends and family, or keep them for yourself. Or, you could be really cute, and send your postcard home so that you have some mail to open up when you’re back and reminisce about your trip!

3. Take a photo in the same pose at each of your locations

For all the social media kings and queens out there, this is a really fun travel trend for you to adopt. Find a pose you like, and take a photo in that same pose everywhere you go. If the backgrounds are similar that really helps as well. You might be asking what’s the point, and to that we say, what’s the point of anything? It’s a bit of fun, and you could also turn it into a really cool video montage at the end to highlight all the places you’ve been, bonus if you’ve been there before!

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4. Make a playlist for each destination

Nothing brings the party quite like the perfect travel playlist. If you’re heading to a beachy destination, pack some rhythmic tunes, if an active getaway is more your speed, get that hype music ready. Not only will a playlist really set the tone, but it’ll give you something to listen to on your way there and when you need a little pick me up when you’re back!

5. Saving a coin or bill from each currency

A really creative way to commemorate your travels is to keep some cash. It’s generally wise to carry cash with you when travelling internationally, but you probably won’t use it all while you’re there. Before you exchange it all back, save a bill or a coin! A lot of foreign currency is so pretty – have you seen Canadian dollars? – and as you collect them you’ll have a gorgeous collection to boast about (not to mention this travel tradition could come in handy one day!).

6. Airport drinks

Okay, so maybe this one is a bit of a British-ism, but you simply can’t beat an airport pint. I’m sure we can all agree that airports are kind of lawless places, the rules of regular society don’t apply here. That’s why it’s totally acceptable to grab yourself a drink before your flight regardless of the time. Maybe you fancy a coke at 9am or a beer before 5? Kick your holiday off right!

7. Bring a local recipe back home

Gorging yourself on new foods is one of the best things to do abroad, so why not bring the deliciousness home? While on holiday, ask around for a local recipe. You could enquire at the restaurants you’re eating at or if you befriend any locals, ask them if they’re happy to share! Or, you could always join a cooking class (and Contiki offers loads, like this one in Barcelona!). Then you can keep the recipe forever and build up a beautiful cook-book of international meals to impress all your friends.

cooking class at FoodJams in South Africa

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8. Bring back a cultural souvenir

Souvenirs are great and they come in all different shapes and sizes, but buying a souvenir specific to that country’s culture is even better! Bring home a Sicilian ‘Teste di Moro’ to decorate your house, a Moroccan tagine to prepare succulent stews, or a Japanese teapot or tea set to have elegant ceremonies at home. You can put these souvenirs to good use with this wholesome travel tradition and fill your life with warm memories.

9. Read a book set in your holiday destination

A way to really immerse yourself into both your holiday and your reading is to pick a book set in that location and read it while you’re there. There’s nothing like diving into a story about the Spanish coast when you’re there to experience it in person. Not only will this give you something to do while you lounge on the beach or by the pool, but you’ll also be broadening your literary horizons and you might find some new favourites along the way.

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10. Eat at McDonald’s

This might be controversial to some: who goes to a fastfood chain when there are local delicacies all around you? But, hear us out, this is a really fun travel tradition because McDonalds around the world have different menus so you’ll be able to try some stuff you wouldn’t be able to get at home. Some menu items are really unique as well, like lobster rolls in Canada and New England, so it’s worth visiting just to see what’s up even if you don’t plan on eating anything. Plus, some of the buildings that house these McDonald’s are stunning, like the one in Porto! 

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