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Voice of a Generation 2023: Australia

It’s that time again, we sent out our Voice of a Generation survey to all the cheery and sunny Gen-Zs and Millennials from down under. 30 questions encompassing all things pop-culture and holiday destinations, and we got a spectacular 2,100 responses back. Thanks Aussies, you know we love you.

We sort of pride ourselves on keeping our big Contiki green finger on the pulse, you see, so we wanted to know everything from travel trends and icks, to famous companions, and freeing financial decisions (perhaps fueled by girl math?).

Discover the new wave of travel right here, right now, led by you! The results are truly enlightening. 

Human or Robot?

Where do you think an AI would send you on your next holiday? One of the usual suspects? A beachy getaway under the sun, surrounded by sparkling seas? Or would it send you off to someplace otherworldly and strange? 61% of respondents are ready to find out if they get a 10% discount on transport and accommodation! Fingers crossed the AI is good to them,

A barcode with the words 61% would take a holiday in the Voice of a Generation: Australia 2023.

One big bash

Turns out 49% of Aussies plan for one holiday a year and one holiday only. This could be because they just have a knack for creating stellar itineraries full of experiences that’ll create memories to last 365 days, or it could be because the balmy country is so far from everything else that one chunk of getaway time is enough.

If it’s the latter, consider booking with Contiki, we promise we’ll make it worth your while (and we have quite the knack for itinerary building as well…). Either way, if you’ve only got one shot, you better make sure it’s big and brilliant and bold!

Slow and steady wins the race to green

We’ve got eco-warriors around the globe it turns out as 77% of respondents said they would happily opt for coach travel with other globe-trotters if it meant it was better for the environment, even if the overall trip takes more time.

64% would opt for train travel (a favourite of ours) and 59% would hop on a boat and sail over glittering seas in style. After all, it’s all about the journey to get there and the friends made along the way.

77% of the Voice of a Generation in Australia 2023 would choose a coach over a flight if it was better for the environment.

A picture is worth a thousand memories

Imagine your 10 favourite photos from your last holiday. Got em? Right, so you can either keep them digitally forever, but you can never print them OR you can print them as polaroids, but they can never be uploaded. What do you do?

If you picked the digital versions, congrats! You sit with 47% of respondents. And if you picked the polaroid versions, congrats! You sit with 49% of respondents. We couldn’t have anticipated how divisive this innocent question would be, but turns out our audience is just as torn as we are. What’s better? Sharing your joy with the world on social media, or keeping memories personal and close to the heart?

We’ll never know…

Travel through the silver screen

We’ve all dreamed of voyaging to the bustling bright lights of New York after its many appearances in many films, or hopping on a Safari trip in Africa after watching The Lion King. 64% of our Australian Gen-Zs and Millennials agree that the silver screen just knows how to light up a destination and make it seem really magical. 

You shouldn’t believe everything you see on TV though, so you better get out there and see it all for yourself! The most common destinations that have been boosted by movie stardom are Greece, France, and Italy. Any surprises here?

Voice of a Generation: Australia 2023 reveals that 64% of people have been inspired to go to a destination because of a film they have seen.

We don’t yuck other people’s yums

We can’t lie, this one made us really proud. Out of 2,100 respondents, over 550 travellers stated that their biggest holiday ick was witnessing other tourists being ignorant, rude, or disrespectful towards local cultures and local people. 

Isn’t travel all about discovering and falling in love with new and unique customs and traditions? Meeting people from around the world and forming genuine connections? That’s why we have our MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences – to help you make your travel as meaningful as possible!

Wholesome travel buddies

Speaking of meaningful travel experiences, beloved conservationist David Attenborough came in third place, with 69 nominations, when asked which celebrity our demo would want to travel with. How sweet! Imagine visiting elephant sanctuaries in Thailand and lovely Mr. Attenborough relaying fun facts about these gentle giants in that soothing voice of his.

Flanked by the rest of the top 5: Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Margot Robbie, and Ryan Reynolds; and you’re in for an absolute riot of a holiday (and hopefully funded on their dime).

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, are the celebs with the most names crazy with.

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