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Why you should travel with your siblings

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If you’ve never travelled before, the idea of going solo can be a bit daunting. Not sure where to find your travel buddy? Maybe you already live with them.Travelling with your friends or partner is an amazing experience, but being together all the time can be stressful. Siblings, however, are a different case. Sure, they may drive us crazy, but they can also be the perfect person to travel with. 

Travel is a life-changing experience and doing it alongside your sibling is a fantastic way to see the world. They’ll keep you safe, have your back, let you borrow their moisturiser (maybe) and witness all your embarrassing attempts at French. More importantly, you’ll have some awesome memories to bring home together. So why not tick off some of those bucket list places together? 


Whether you guys are already super tight, or looking to become closer; travelling with your sibling will ultimately bring you together. Hit up the museums, taste the local beers and see some epic sights alongside one another. And if you haven’t already, you’re probably going to discover some hilariously weird travel quirks about them (did they insist on bringing three travel pillows with them?). 

There’s plenty of options when it comes to Contiki and travelling with your sibling. Trips like the European Discovery will provide a private room so you can videocall the fam together in peace. Or, if you’re already sick of each other, the European Trail will give you the chance to mingle more with other travellers in a hostel room.  

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They’ll Have Your Back

At one point or another, something will go wrong. Maybe you brought too many shirts and not enough shorts, or maybe you’re a bit homesick. Either way, it’s nice to have someone to take care of you. If you’re worried about safety, siblings will be there to ensure you make it home in one piece. 

Not only do they know you super well, but they’ll also be there to help you challenge yourself and embrace being out of your comfort zone. Of course, your Contiki Trip Manager will always have your back, but a sibling can be the ideal person to get you through the tough times. 

No Need To Be Embarrassed

Thought you were asking for the train station but instead were saying “Is this train?” in a bad French accent? We’ve all been there. It can be challenging meeting new people or adapting to different environments. Thankfully, your sibling has probably seen you do worse. Travel with your sibling means you don’t have to worry about awkward ‘money talks’ and discussing your travel budget has never been easier. Travelling with them will help you abandon your shyness so you can embrace all the cringe of travelling and your Contiki experience together!

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You Can Steal Their Stuff

One of the best parts about siblings is stealing their things. Specifically, that extra pair of shorts. From snagging their phone charger to ransacking their snacks, siblings are a great convenience if you’re a nervous packer. 

We all forget to pack things when we travel. Good thing your sibling will be on hand to generously donate their stuff (they didn’t want that chocolate anyway, right?). Plus, if you’re bringing home souvenirs for the family, you can pick stuff out together and take turns carrying it in your luggage. 

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What to pack for a summer in Europe: essential checklist

Natalie Siagian
by Natalie Siagian Jun 10, 2015

Share Amazing Experiences

Easily the best part of travelling with a sibling is experiencing the wonders of travel together. You’ll have some fantastic shared memories to bring up at Christmas (as well as an extensive slideshow). You may have spent many hours fighting as kids (namely over who gets the front seat in the car) but travel with your sibling as an adult is an entirely different experience. Immerse yourself in diverse cultures, eat some of the most incredible food in the world and make life-long friends with your fellow travellers.

Travel with your siblings is not just your chance to bond with a family member, it’s a way to further your friendship. If it’s your first time travelling together, why not go for one of our modular trips like the London to Barcelona Quest. It’ll mean you can keep your bonding time short and sweet and your travel schedule flexible. Plus, imagine how proud Mum will be that you didn’t kill each other. If you’re ready for something longer try the European Escapade and tick off those bucket list places together. It’ll be a trip you’ll both remember forever. 

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