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This is the most Instagram-worthy country in the world


There are countless beautiful destinations around the world. Greece, Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, The Maldives… but there can only be one winner when it comes to taking out the top spot as the most Instagrammable country in the world. That is, according to Big7 Travel’s 2019 survey which analysed the destinations around the world that accounted for the highest number of hashtags in the past 12 months.

The report has revealed the top 50 countries you need to travel to if you want to snap the very best Instagram shots. All are amazing, but number one is obviously best… here’s the top 10.

10. Singapore

Singapore may be smaller than the surrounding Asian countries, but it packs a punch when it comes to photography. Let’s be real, half of the hashtags used here are probably from the rooftop bar at Marina Bay Sands (which we absolutely recommend) and food, glorious food. Specifically, the chicken satay from the local hawker-style markets.

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9. United Arab Emirates

Specifically, we’re talking about Dubai. Luxe and lively, there are plenty of reasons Dubai is so popular on Instagram, between the stunning desert landscapes, the jaw-dropping 830-metre tower, Burj Khalifa and of course, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Enough said.

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8. USA

The United States of America is incredibly varied. From the bayous of Louisiana to the stunning national parks and famous cities like Chicago and the Big Apple, there is a photo-op at every turn, and if you think you don’t want to take a snap of San Fran’s Golden Gate Bridge, we have news for you, son.

The **Golden Gate Bridge** in San Francisco.

7. India

India is, in a word, incredible. Ancient temples, architecture with details so intricate it’s hard to believe they’re handmade, and a bustling chaos that draws every traveller’s heart in, we can see why everyone is hashtagging India.

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Would you consider the Maldives paradise? Well, sure. Azure ocean, pure white beaches and over 1,000 coral islands to call home—honestly, we’re surprised this is only ranked as #6!

6. Maldives

Would you consider the Maldives paradise? Well, sure. Azure ocean, pure white beaches and over 1,000 coral islands to call home—honestly, we’re surprised this is only ranked as #6!

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5. South Africa

Spotting Africa’s Big 5 is a definite bucket list item but there’s also a lot more to South Africa than national parks with epic animals. Cape Town especially is an Instagrammer’s dream with its gorgeous coastline and adorable penguins—you know what to do.


4. Indonesia

Indonesia is best known for its tropical island, Bali. Popular with travellers searching for lush jungles and a laid-back beach lifestyle make people never want to leave. Hashtag away, island babies!

3. Canada

You knew Canada would be right up here on this list. Those bluer than blue lakes, unending snow fields and majestic mountains, it’s hard to put your camera down when visiting this Northern Hemisphere haven. Just check out any Contiki traveller who has been to Canada and you’ll see how a trip to Canada will quickly dominate your IG feed.

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2. Hong Kong

Hong Kong may be a surprise inclusion on this list, but if you’ve visited this country then you already know there is a whole world of food that needs its photo taken. Add the epic skyscrapers and beautiful parks and mountains outside the cities, and you’ll understand why this is a photographer’s playground.

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1. Australia

It’s official, AUSTRALIA IS #1! Thanks to its popular hashtags and geolocations on Instagram, Australia has taken out the top spot as the world’s most Instagrammable country. Are the people wrong? We say no. Every Aussie knows that there is an Insta-worthy moment on every corner (and in every city) or Australia, from some of the best brunch spots you’ll ever find to crystal clear oceans, white sand beaches, cute animals and endlessly beautiful views. You get it—Australia took this one out for a reason.

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