This London bar is the first to make ‘Augmented Cocktails’

London's cocktail scene is brimming with outlandish concoctions, themed decor and theatrical special effects - but for one critically acclaimed London chef, having an instagrammable cocktail simply isn't enough anymore. His solution? An app which lets you see virtual reality in keeping with the theme of your cocktail.

Okay London, we see you...

In a world of creativity and technology, this bar sets itself apart from the rest of the competition by taking mixology to the next level – into the virtual realm. City Social Restaurant and Bar in London has created an exclusive “Mirage” menu with a corresponding app; the brainchild of the bar’s owner, chef Jason Atherton.

While the actual cocktails aren’t virtual (that would be tricky), the magic happens when you download the bar’s app, scan it over your cocktail and see virtual animations that match the theme of your cocktail frolic and hover around it. Some drinks even have small characters, such as the ‘sashay’ cocktail, wherein Marilyn Monroe appears on the app and blows kisses at you as she sits at the bottom of the glass, the very same drink in hand. Others feature mariachi bands, skeletons, and fluttering clouds – adding an element of storytelling into your drinking experience.

The animations don’t impose on the cocktail drinking experience; rather they’re ornaments – little decorations that, if you’re the imaginative type, catapult you momentarily into an immersive new world. Order the Wheatfields with fizz, for example, and your app will show the cocktail surrounded by 1800’s style french artwork, depicting the sunny South of France. The cocktails themselves are equally elaborate and high-quality, using top (and sometimes borderline outlandish) ingredients. These aren’t just drinks – they’re experiences.

The app is fun and interactive, and doesn’t take things too far in terms of technology ‘taking over’ our daily lives. The funny, entertaining and bizarre nature of it makes for a perfect conversation starter – ideal for those tricky to navigate tinder date situations. Alternatively, order one while you wait for a date or friend, and you’ll be entertained by pretty, moving imagery. The future of drinking has definitely landed.

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