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24 hours in London? Here’s what to do


London is a big, glorious city, with plenty of cute pockets and boroughs that make it the thriving metropolitan city we all know and love. And the best news is it’s all completely walkable by foot…as long as you know where you’re going. The good news is, we do! Here’s everything you need to know about making the most of your 24 hours in London…

Start your day off at the Houses of Parliament, where you’ll see the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey. The history of these sights spans more than 900 years, dating back to the Anglo-Saxon days of old. If you’re hoping to see Big Ben in all his glory, we’ve got bad news, he’s currently undergoing a face-lift and is covered in scaffolding. Despite the construction, this is a still a must-see London sight to tick off your bucket list!

Next, walk towards Westminster Bridge where you’ll see the Coca Cola sign, London Eye and a wide view of the city on either side of the River Thames.

Continue on to Southbank, both a riverside walkway and a common place for arty venues and pop-up restaurants.

Then re-create the famous Harry Potter scene as you approach Millennium Bridge – a futuristic design which cost £18.2 million to build. From afar, you’ll also be able to see St Paul’s Cathedral.


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Break your journey up by having lunch at Borough Market, one of London’s largest and oldest indoor food markets, not to mention the place to buy both local and international world class foodie products. Treat yourself from one of many delicious food stalls and go where your belly desires.

Make your way to Tower Bridge (not London Bridge, they are two entirely separate things as I’ve learnt). This is London’s most famous bridge and a must-see landmark built between 1886 and 1894. The bridge crosses the River Thames close to the Tower of London, hence why so many people get confused between the two.

Take a stroll along the other side of the bridge, stopping at the Tower of London, Middle Temple Garden and Somerset House.

Sound good to you? Check out our London walking itinerary below…

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