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These are the best Pride parades around the world

While the Pride parade scene differs from country to country, there’s no denying that celebrating and supporting the LGBT community at one of these colourful festivals is a magical (and important) experience. See it for yourself first hand at one of these amazing Pride marches…

New York

New York’s Pride parade is really where it all began. The oldest celebration, it passes the Stonewall Inn and Christopher Street, the scene of the infamous 1969 Stonewall riots that was the turning point in the LGBT rights movement. It’s still a powerful event, albeit with a lot more smiles, and runs for a week, focusing on five events that represent key elements of LGBT visibility: The Family Night, the Rally & Fantasy, VIP Rooftop Party, Tease & We Party, Pride Fest and the March & Dance on the Pier.

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São Paulo

The Brazilian’s know how to celebrate LGBT rights! In 2006, the São Paulo Pride parade was named the biggest in the world and it’s no wonder given the investment the local and federal government put into it! Unlike other’s around the world, São Paulo’s Pride march is very much supported by the government. In fact, many politicians open the event and star on the colourful floats!

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Things are a little different in the German city of Berlin when it comes to Pride celebrations. The annual LGBT event doesn’t name itself ‘Pride’ and instead is called Christopher Street Day. Unlike the glitz and fun of other Pride parades, this is a politically charged demonstration held as a commemoration of the Stonewall riots in New York. While lacking the party atmosphere of what you know and love about LGBT parades, watching the protesters and activists march to Brandenburg Gate is a powerful moment you won’t soon forget.


Known as Fiesta del Orgullo Gay (translates to Gay Pride festival in English), Madrid is the proud host of the biggest Pride celebration in all of Europe! Drawing crowds of at least 1.5 million, the parade cuts through the city centre leaving glitter in it’s wake before finishing at Plaza de Colón. The parade is so big that many LGBT charities, political parties and well-known companies (such as Google and Microsoft) sponsor the floats.


London’s Pride festival is one of the oldest in Europe. Dating back to 1972, it draws in crowds from across the UK and Europe and is known for it’s eclectic mix of patrons. That’s not too difficult with an attendance of over 400,000 every year! With events along the parade route at the many bars and theatres, the whole of London is taken over when Pride is in town!


Pride in the ‘Dam is so big it’s a weeklong event. Between the Drag Queen Olympics and epic Canal Parade (yep, these are ~literally~ floats), the turnout for the Pride celebrations in Amsterdam is over 300,000. With music and sporting events happening alongside marches and shows, the liberated city is one the coolest places to celebrate all that is LGBT.


The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is not one night, but rather a month of themed events in the city, leading up to an epic street parade. Unlike the rest of the world though, Sydney’s Pride festival is held in March as opposed to during World Pride Week. Despite the smaller population, it’s also one of the world’s oldest organised LGBT events and started in 1978 after protestors were arrested during a pro-gay rights march.

Tel Aviv

The Israeli city hosts a parade so magnificent that it’s said to rival Berlin and New York’s. It’s also the largest LGBT Pride parade in Asia, with over 100,000 people attending the annual event. Political and religious bodies have tried to stop it over the years, but Tel Aviv’s parade gets bigger and better every year.

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