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Arguably the best outfits ever worn at the Contiki Chateau P party

Contiki's legendary Château du Cruix is known for many things - it's enviable location in the rolling vineyards of the Beaujolais region of France, it's beautiful pool, Baxter the dog (and now Tiki the kitten) all included. But perhaps the Château's greatest legacy, is the P party.

What is the P Party? Oh you know, only a party in the underground club of our 16th century crib where everyone dresses up as something beginning with P.

Pictures say a thousand words, so we'll take it to you, our creatively gifted Contiki travellers, to tell the rest of the story...

P is for Police

P is for Parisian pastry chef

P is for plants


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...and more plants

I am a plant #"P"party

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P is for pepperoni pizza

P is for (inflatable) penis, you classy bunch

P is for St.Paddy's peeps

P is for...pad man?

Contiki's "p" party #padman

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P is for creativity with paper towels

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