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There’s A Cave In Mexico Where The Crystals Are As Big As Trees

Calling anyone with a crystal fetish! That’s basically everyone FYI, crystals are very ~now~ and there is literally no better place to feed your obsession than this magical cave in Mexico, where the sparkly geodes have exploded to gargantuan proportions and now resemble actual trees.

The (aptly named) Cave of Crystals can be found 300 metres underground in Naica, Mexico, and we do have to warn/excite you by saying that it’s a literal forest of crystals. They’re the largest known crystals on earth and will tower over any visitor in all their quartz-y glory, even those of a basketball player variety.

The crystals actually aren’t quartz (or alas, diamonds) but instead selenite (named after Selena the Greek moon goddess), a crystallised form of Gypsum that harnesses good luck, protection from a higher realm and all those tranquil vibes.

So just how did the crystals get so gash darn big? Pure chance! Naica was full of caves and this one happened to sit above a magma chamber, so it slowly filled with steaming sulphur-rich water from below, while also filling with cooler oxygen-rich water from above. Eventually the chemical reaction between the different waters and the calcium in limestone rock resulted in the entire cave structure cooling off and turning into hard selenite crystals, creating this genuinely magical sight.


Really leaves you in awe of Mother Earth, doesn’t it? Sadly, the caves aren’t open to the public due to a flooding in 2015 and scientific studies getting first dibs, BUT there are hopes to open it up one day so watch this space!

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