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You can now dance around the clock at London’s first ever 24-hour nightclub

Ah, London: a city that never sleeps. Only it does sleep because most of its clubs close at 3 am. At least they did, until now…

Fold is the newest club on the London nightclub scene, but it sets itself apart with one very distinct way: it’s 24-hours. Nestled in a Canning Town industrial complex, Fold is the city’s first licenced 24-hour nightclub, and it’s ready to take the city by storm – already being dubbed the Berghain of London. 

While Berliners are no strangers to the concept of a 24-hour party (breakfast buffets in the club for the win), Fold is set to revolutionise the London nightclub scene. Party-goers can go home and nap before returning to the dance floor, or even pop out for some dinner (or breakfast) if they’re feeling peckish. In other words, you can come and go as you please – or stay for the full 24-hours if you can hack it. 

This relaxed attitude paired with the staggering 900-person capacity means you won’t have the all-too-familiar faff of a half hour queueing time.

To ensure a leisurely and stress-free clubbing experience, Fold is also decked out with lockers for your posessions and members are given fobs to avoid any wait when nipping in and out. You can even buy your beers with bitcoin if that’s your thang. 

Similar to any Berlin nightclub, if you’re looking for decadent insta-worthy interiors and glossy mood lighting, you’ll be sorely disappointed when you step into Fold’s main room. In lieu of plush sofas and chandeliers, you’ll find an abundance of latex sported proudly by the club regulars. The focus is on the music (which is mostly techno and house) and the lack of judgement – the club has a strong LGBT+ aspect.


The mission of Fold is to create a safe space where Londoners can disconnect and be themselves without feeling bogged down by the cost and judgement that typically comes as part and parcel of a London night out. As for the former, an early beard ticket to Fold will only set you back a cool tenner, which let’s face it, is pretty good as London door entry prices go. 

Much like the Berlin nightclub scene (and also much like marmite!), you’ll either love it or you hate it. One thing’s for sure though: this is the first of a new kind of nightclub in London, and the beginning of a new era. Cheers to that. 

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